In recent years, the exodus from city life has become more prevalent, as people find themselves unhappy with the constant hustle and bustle. While there’s pretty city lights, nights out, and striking architecture to be found, there’s usually little greenery, particularly for properties in the city.

If you’re one of the people who has decided to trade the traffic, packed tube lines and all the sights and sounds for cleaner air, a quieter escape and for an ample garden, then it can be tough to know where to start with your larger outdoor space.

With White Stores, you can achieve all your country living dreams with our wide range of garden furniture.

Al Fresco or A Picnic For You

A country garden is an ideal place to dine or have your very own picnic! Al fresco dining is a great option for spending your time outside, and our Cotswold range is made for traditional dining moments. Crafted from cast aluminium, the Cotswold range is classically styled whilst being robust, durable, and lightweight.

An advantage of this material is that it can be left outside all year round without the risk of corrosion or rust. This means that it requires little maintenance and it’s easy to care for, which is best for garden furniture.

The Bistro set is perfect for just the two of you and highlights al fresco dining at its finest. Its elegant round table, traditional, patterned dining chairs and parasol hole make it a country garden must have. Larger sets are available, including a four-seat dining set and a six seated oval dining set, which is a wonderful choice for outdoor, formal dinners.

You can also have a picnic with a modern twist. Thanks to our aluminium casual dining range, you and your children can recreate the joy that a picnic brings. The Vogue and Enna casual dining collections have sets with the options of having a corner sofa, armchairs, and benches, which are a picnic must have!

The fun doesn’t stop there, as you can have a rising table too. This versatile, stand-out piece of furniture makes it simple to switch from picnic/coffee table to dining table, so you and your family can get the most from your garden.

A country garden

doesn’t have to

be boring.

Add A Bit Of Flair

A country garden doesn’t have to be boring, so why not add a bit of flair to your luscious, green space? To start with, our hanging chairs are not only a good place to relax, but they add a bit of fun to your garden.

Coming in two options, single and double, these egg-shaped chairs are made from an aluminium framework and high quality, PE synthetic rattan which is renowned for its weatherproof properties. While the set itself is durable and resistant to even frost, it should be noted that the stand and pole aren’t weatherproof, so they should be stored inside when not in use.

The chair itself is strong, so you can safely sit back, relax, and let it sway in the gentle summer breeze, watching the bee’s buzz around flowers or even while drinking a glass of your favourite wine. Our egg chairs help ease the stresses of everyday life, just like your much needed escape to the country.

Shelter and Privacy

Usually, country gardens are larger and have more space to play with. So, to really make your garden stand out, then consider purchasing one of our breathtaking pergolas. With three ranges to choose from, picking a pergola has never been easier! Your options include the effortlessly modern Halo, the award-winning Titan, and the trustworthy and reliable Proteus.

Our pergolas are an eye-catching piece which offer shelter and privacy, with the Halo being our latest addition to our collection and it features motorised opening and closing louvres and LED colour changing lights. Just like the Titan, it comes with the option of having privacy screens, which is ideal for having privacy on your patio, or if you have a larger garden and need concealment. A bonus of the Titan range is its exclusive aluminium walls add-on which has tilted louvres that prevent people from looking in, too.

While the Halo and Titan come with more specifications, the Proteus is still a good option. It features the same U-shaped channels as the other ranges and has a brilliant drainage system which prevents water from pooling on the roof, and regardless of which pergola you choose, you’ll always have a shaded and dry peace of mind.

Having a country garden doesn’t have to be hard work, and thanks to our range of Nova Outdoor Living garden furniture, you can create the space you’ve always wanted, and more importantly, deserve. Take a trip to one of our showrooms or explore our collections online at our website.