When looking for garden furniture online there is an overwhelming number of websites which offer a wealth of furniture from an extensive range of manufacturers and brands making it very difficult to know where to shop, particularly if you’re specifically looking for “luxury” garden furniture.

Luxury garden furniture should effortlessly boast style, comfort and sophistication as well as being incredibly durable, including a long warranty. Luxury often insinuates a huge price tag, but this doesn’t always have to be true, if you shop wisely, you will still be able to get luxury garden furniture on a budget.

There are many manufacturers that claim to design and create luxury furniture but how can you tell if the furniture is truly luxury when ordering online? We recommend visiting a showroom wherever possible to get a good look at and feel of the furniture before you order so you know what you are ordering is indeed of a luxury quality.

If you can’t get to a showroom or the brand does not offer this option, there are several garden furniture brands that you can always rely on to deliver top-quality garden furniture. We have spoken about a couple of these brands below.

Nova Outdoor Living

With over 30 years of experience in the garden furniture industry, Nova Outdoor Living specialises in working with the newest materials to create stunning, luxury garden furniture. Innovation is at the heart of everything Nova does, and this includes a recent, successful partnership with Sunbrella to design a range of unique weatherproof fabric garden furniture.

Nova’s ambition has always been to offer a vast range of high-quality products and their extensive selection of luxury products includes rattan, aluminium, and fabric garden furniture. These products are designed with the customer in mind, which is why each piece of furniture embodies Nova’s signature style and comfort. By doing so, Nova ensures that a luxury look, and feel is always achieved.

All of Nova’s garden furniture is specifically designed to be long-lasting, and it’s been made to withstand the elements, which means it can be left outside all year round. Most of their furniture requires little to no maintenance, giving Nova customers the freedom to enjoy their purchases.

This is why we continue to work closely with them, and over the years, we've developed a special relationship with Nova, as we're the only retailer to stock all of Nova's core range, which includes rattan, aluminium, pergolas, and other garden accessories! While they offer a high calibre of products, they also strive to give their customers peace of mind by offering longer guarantees. These guarantees reflect the confidence and reputation of both their brand and products.

Luxury garden furniture should

effortlessly boast style,

comfort and sophistication

Alexander Rose

Alexander Rose has been developing luxury garden furniture since 1994 and they offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary furniture which has all been designed with luxury style and comfort in mind.

The recognise the important of quality and have a clear vision, to be recognised throughout the UK and Europe for their quality and design of sustainable outdoor furniture products.

Currently, we only sell Alexander Rose cushions, but the brand is known for using a range of materials across their furniture, including wood, rattan, and metal to create luxurious products that will stand out in any garden. All their furniture has guarantees that last for 3 – 10 years, highlighting the quality of the brand.

While there are many brands to choose from, we would always recommend doing your research where possible. Luxury brands are luxurious for a reason, and at White Stores we only recognise the very best.