They say the older you get, the more you appreciate your garden. The garden becomes a place to relax, where you can enjoy the quieter moments as well as bringing your family together for heartfelt moments, making it the ideal space for retirement.

Throughout the years, you’ve spent so much time working hard and only enjoying your garden in the evening or at the weekends. Maybe it’s not had the attention it deserves; you’ve not always had time to cut the grass or a chance to even buy garden furniture!

That’s all about to change as White Stores has everything needed to build your picture-perfect garden.

Sit Back And Relax

Here at White Stores, we want you to sit back and relax, and what better way to do so than with our Oyster and Heritage collections.

The Oyster range is created with comfort and relaxation in mind. Thanks to its high back chairs fitted with padded seats and back cushions filled with high-quality fillings and fibres, once you sit down and feel the comfort, you’ll realise why this range is a pearl amongst a sea of other furniture.

If you’re looking for a set that brings you a laid-back experience, then the Oyster 2 Seat Sofa Set is a good choice. It’s fantastic for lounging, with its two-seat high backed sofa, two armchairs and coffee table.

There’s more to this range than just lounging, with a combination of lounging and casual dining brought together in the Oyster Casual Dining Corner Sofa Set with Rising Table.

in retirement,

replace the hustle and

bustle with a peaceful setting.

More Than Meets The Eye

This weatherproof Oyster Casual Dining Corner Sofa Set brings the very best of the range together, featuring a right/left hand sofa piece, three footstools and a modular middle piece.

The modular middle piece offers flexibility, and you can either have a longer left arm or longer right arm depending on what your outdoor layout needs. You also have sofa clips which prevents them from moving apart or you can separate them to create different seating areas altogether.

The stand-out feature of the set is the fantastic rising table built to switch between a coffee table or a casual dining table. With a push of a button, you can go from relaxing on your premium corner sofa set, surrounded by comfort, and eating a cheeky slice of cake; to creating an atmosphere worthy of al fresco dining with family and friends. Due to the set’s flexibility, it can be enjoyed in different ways without taking up any more space.

After reading that, you’re probably wondering what more can we offer? Well, our Carolina 6 Seat Dining Set with a firepit table adds a whole different meaning to elegance. As part of the Heritage collection, this Carolina dining set features the quality and durability associated with our products.

It’s been designed with a combination of full rod and half rod rattan that has been hand woven extremely tightly to prevent sagging. This product along with all Heritage products have been manufactured with our exclusive Duracore Rattan which has been designed to withstand all weather conditions.

So, while the set is incredibly high quality, what’s the added bonuses? The reclining chairs and firepit. Who doesn’t love the moments of fun and rest that a reclining chair can bring? It’s straightforward too, just pull the lever and lean back!

You can lean back in your recliner and feel the heat from the rattan firepit which sits nicely in the dining table.

Setting The Scene

Forget commuting, red traffic lights in the rain and the sound of train tannoy systems announcing train delays, in retirement, replace the hustle and bustle with a peaceful setting. Our Water Features help bring serenity as you listen to the sound of water while you sit beneath the sun. They’re not only beautiful but they’re easy to assemble and use.

If your garden has a theme, then consider a Buddha-shaped water feature in light grey. This detailed feature epitomises tranquillity with its shape. If you want a product that’s sleeker, then look no further than our Water Walls. You’ll feel harmony when you hear the water gently trickling.

All water features are protected against UV rays and are frost resistant, so they can remain outside all year round. On top of that, many act as a form of outdoor lighting thanks to the LED lights which emit a warm atmosphere no matter the time of day.

No outdoor living space is complete without shade and a combination which you could utilise is our Cotswold Range and Dominica parasols. While the Cotswold Dining Sets are extremely practical, fitting any sized patio, lawn, or conservatory, they also pair up nicely with our wooden parasols.

The furniture is classically styled evoking a traditional look with its cast aluminium design. It’s easy to maintain and can stay outside all year round. Moreover, it offers adjustable feet, padded cushions, and fully assembled chairs, so there’s no hassle. The adjustable feet allow the table and chairs to sit nicely on uneven surfaces such as grass or patio.

Add the finishing touch by including a pulley operated Dominica parasol which will complement the dining set and is easy to raise. The 180gsm canopy offers enough sun protection, having a UV rating of 50+. Just remember to close when not in use, and especially in windy conditions.

And there you have it; the scene is set and you’re ready to enjoy your retirement and garden in style. Visit our showroom or website to bring this scene to life.