With winter arriving you may be thinking about putting your furniture away for the cold season. Well perhaps you don’t have enough space to keep your furniture in storage. In which case we have the perfect solution.

"We have found a way to protect your furniture from the elements."

- White Stores

Garden Furniture Covers

We have resolved the issue of dirty furniture and having to store it away from use to use. We have made it quick and easy to use your furniture in those brief moments of winter sun as well as easy to go back to using your furniture full time when summer arrives again. We have found a way to protect your furniture from the elements.

How, you ask? We have developed a range of garden furniture covers for you to keep your sets clean and protected all year round, without the hassle of wiping it down every time you need to use it or moving it in and out of storage.

Although our rattan furniture can be left outside all year round, as it is completely rust and weatherproof, many of our customers want extra protection from the elements and our Nova covers provide just that.

To meet our customers' requirements we have partnered with the well-known manufacturer Nova Outdoor Living, who has over 30 years' experience, to create a range of weatherproof covers. Working closely with Nova, we have designed our range of garden furniture covers to specifically fit each individual set. The covers will slide over your furniture and fit like a glove, ensuring that you can leave your set outside and protected during the winter as well as the unpredictable British summer. To highlight the features of the weatherproof garden covers, we have put together the following video:

There's more!

The covers have been specifically engineered with longevity in mind and are perfect for all seasons. Using high quality PVC backed polyester to ensure a completely waterproof finish. Every cover is treated with a specially formulated Weathertex compound which causes water to repel and bead. This waterproof feature means no soggy furniture which then means you can whip off the cover and use straight away.

Our top tip for using the covers is not to leave the cushions underneath as, like us humans, they need to breathe! Trapped cushions will sweat and attract mould and mildew, so make sure you take your cushions off before covering your furniture.

Have you got one of our garden furniture sets? You will be able to find a cover for your set on our website. We stock covers for over 80 different sets including sofa sets, corner sofa sets, dining sets, daybeds and more. Not sure how our covers work? Watch our great video above to find out more about how they attach to your furniture.

If you need advice on which cover is right for you then feel free to contact our customer service team.