Garden furniture is readily available from all sorts of places, not just garden centres or garden furniture retailers, even supermarket retailer ASDA has their own range of garden furniture available online and in their larger stores. But how do these furniture pieces fair against our own products?

This has seen us turn to the aid of pergolas and gazebos to offer shelter and weather protection, but what’s the difference between them, and which one is the right choice for your garden? We’ve answered all your questions below. 

Ease of Use & Price Points

Looking at ASDA’s website it is very clear and easy to use to search for your desired garden furniture. You can filter your search by range, product type, material, price and whether assembly is required, making it very easy to refine the results and find what you need as quickly as possible. This is very similar to our own filters and makes us both very user friendly when it comes to finding your desired furniture.

Looking at price points there is a clear difference between ourselves and ASDA, with ASDA only offering low price items. In fact, the most expensive piece of furniture currently on their website is a rattan four-piece sofa set for £699. At White Stores, we are proud to offer varying price points which cater to a wider market reach. We are pleased to offer more affordable as well as high-end, luxury items.


Product Reviews That Matter

Whilst Asda offering wildly cheaper garden furniture can look like a great deal, a quick look at some of ASDA’s product reviews tells us this might not be the case. The majority of the furniture, including their most expensive items, require assembly, whereas all of White Stores’ garden furniture is already assembled (other than dining tables which require minimal assembly).

The problem with self-assembled garden furniture over pre-assembled is that the furniture is less sturdy and less durable. When furniture is bolted together as opposed to welded together, the furniture will break more easily and therefore has a shorter life expectancy.

Some more product reviews on ASDA’s garden furniture tells us that the cushions fade very quickly, and this has left consumers disappointed. Having run a series of tests on our own garden furniture cushions, we can say that our cushions rarely fade and are also stain resistant and showerproof.

If you would like a larger range to choose from and

are happy to spend a little more to

ensure top quality furniture...

The Difference in Quality

With such cheap garden furniture on offer, ASDA’s rattan furniture is made from steel framework which is not weatherproof and will rust in damp conditions. White Stores’ rattan garden furniture is made using powder coated aluminium framework which is rustproof and can be left outside all year without any damage.

ASDA has plenty of smaller items on offer, the majority of which being bistro sets or smaller dining sets in a range of different materials including rattan effect, metal, plastic, and wood. At White Stores we specialise in synthetic rattan furniture but also have plenty of other materials like weatherproof fabric, cast aluminium and aluminium on offer and also offer a wider collection range such as sofa sets, casual dining, loungers and daybeds.


To conclude, if you are on a tight budget, ASDA has some great deals on smaller furniture products, however, they may have to be replaced often and you will have to assemble the furniture yourself. If you would like a larger range to choose from and are happy to spend a little more to ensure top-quality furniture, we recommend shopping at White Stores.

We have plenty of garden furniture showrooms located around the UK so that you can see and test the garden furniture quality for yourself and we have a knowledgeable customer service team who are on hand to help 7 days a week, all year round