Comparing our own garden furniture to that of other businesses could be risky, but we’re so confident in our garden furniture quality that we are happy to weigh up the pros and cons of buying with us over retail giants John Lewis.

What We Believe

We believe every aspect of buying garden furniture should be an easy and enjoyable experience, from the website experience to the delivery, to the quality of the product itself. Therefore, looking at, firstly, both White Stores and John Lewis’ websites we believe we come out on top for the easiest to use website experience.

Searching for “John Lewis Garden Furniture” and following the top links brings you through to their ‘Garden Furniture Ranges’ page which gives you the choice of their brands. The downside to this is that you may not know the difference between the brands and what sort of furniture they sell.

You can filter by brand, price and colour on this page, however you cannot filter by furniture type or set size, therefore you may have to click into each individual category to find what you are looking for unless you know each brand well. The user journey for their website is confusing to say the least and we think it's such a crucial step in the process of deciding and buying your garden furniture.

Searching for “White Stores Garden Furniture” and following the top links will bring you to our garden furniture category page which allows you to continue through the website by choosing which type of furniture you are looking for, whether that is rattan garden furniture, fabric garden furniture, aluminium, etc. We believe this is a much simpler way to find the type of furniture that you are looking for.

We believe every aspect of buying

garden furniture should be an easy

and enjoyable experience

The Finer Details Matter

Furthermore, when comparing delivery for John Lewis and White Stores will see a similar lead time on items however, looking through John Lewis’ delivery pages it is not clear how the furniture is delivered. White Stores clearly informs you that delivery of garden furniture will be a pallet delivery with White Glove and assembly services available in certain areas.

Our aim is to inform new and returning customers as much as possible, and we believe clarity is necessary when choosing to make a big purchase. To us, the choice is simple, a retailer with over 15 years of experience who specialises in garden furniture, vs. a retailer who offers something for everyone, but with questions about quality and price points. White Stores is the right choice when it comes to creating a space that's made for memories, not just a space for a season or two.

If you need any more help with making your decision, then visit one of our showrooms to see our high-quality products come to life, or visit our website to explore our collections to discover what's right for you.