Knowing where to buy your garden furniture from is a decision that can involve plenty of online research as well as trips to garden centres or garden furniture showrooms. 

Here, we have tried to help your decision-making process by measuring our own garden furniture standards against another huge retailer, IKEA.

All You Need To Know About IKEA


Whilst many consumers will think of IKEA as the flat-packed home furniture giants, they may not know that they do offer a large range of garden furniture, too. From outdoor furniture to outdoor flooring, barbecues and outdoor storage, IKEA offers a strong collection for outdoor living.

But, true to form, all of these items are flat-packed and require assembly. We have recently looked at the pros and cons of flat-packed garden furniture in a recent blog post, which you can read here.

However, whilst flat-packed furniture is typically cheaper than fully assembled furniture it seems that IKEA does not offer much discount for the fun of building your own furniture and is equally matched with, if not more expensive than, White Stores on price for similar items. Most of White Stores’ garden furniture arrives fully assembled and this makes the furniture stronger and more durable when compared to flat-packed items.

Still, there are positives to IKEA’s flat-packed furniture and one of these positives is that you can purchase individual items. For example, if you require just one outdoor chair, or one modular sofa piece, IKEA can offer this. Or, if you wish to make up your own outdoor furniture design, you can select individual matching pieces. But, purchasing individual items can be risky as they may not completely match any existing furniture you may have.

Where White Store’s garden furniture is fully assembled, we cannot sell individual items, but do pride ourselves on our lengthy warranties which means should you need replacement pieces within this time frame we are able to replace items with damage, which is typically one of the only reasons people look for individual parts in the first place. It is unclear from IKEA’s website whether they offer a guarantee on their garden furniture products.

White Stores specialises in

the design and development

of garden furniture...

All You Need To Know About White Stores

White Stores’ specialises in the design and development of garden furniture, and our products offer some of the latest technology in garden furniture including LED, motorised pergolas, fabric furniture, Glass Reinforced Concrete firepits and rising casual dining tables.

Plus, our garden furniture collections, ranging from rattan to fabric, are incredibly weatherproof and can be left outside all year round without suffering from weather damage or rust. Whereas IKEA recommends that even their rattan furniture is stored indoors throughout the winter months.

Both IKEA and White Stores offers a showroom where garden furniture can be viewed, sat on, tested and measured up. However, White Stores does not offer the ability to take furniture away immediately and does require arranging a delivery date, but there are plenty of delivery options including hassle-free assembly options.

When shopping at IKEA’s showroom, if the item is in stock, and providing you can fit the item in your car, you will be able to take the furniture home with you the very same day. This is great for purchasing in the middle of summer, when you want to get your furniture home and ready to use immediately.

As specialists in garden furniture White Stores can offer both online and in-store sales year-round and this is particularly noticeable out of season, allowing consumers to get a great deal on garden furniture. IKEA offers discounts to “family members” (those with a family card) and these often apply to specific items and can also vary from store to store, meaning that great discounts may be harder to come by.
When you visit White Stores in-store or speak to us via the phone or email communication, we have knowledgeable sales advisors who know all there is to know about our products and can help you make an informed decision about what garden furniture to buy. This is a huge positive compared to visiting IKEA where you will be left to look around for yourself and sales assistants may have limited knowledge on the products.

Making Your Choice

Wherever you purchase your garden furniture from, research on the durability of the products, the materials and the most competitive price is important. Shopping around can definitely benefit the consumer and make you more aware of the best deals available.

When comparing ourselves with IKEA garden furniture we find that we are competitive on price, offer more durable products that do not require assembly, offer fully weatherproof garden furniture, offer more up-to-date furniture technology and offer lengthy guarantees on our outdoor furniture.

If you need more to help convince you to shop with us, we recommend a visit to our showroom where you can see the quality of our furniture for yourself, and a chat with one of our knowledgeable sales team who will help you choose the right furniture for you.