Rattan garden furniture is available in many different colours, from a traditional brown colour, to lighter natural colours and even a more modern white wash colour. But no colours have proved to be as popular as grey in recent years.

Why Is Grey Rattan So Popular?

Grey has become the most popular rattan garden furniture colour due to its versatility and ability to match every style and look. Though not one of the original rattan colours, grey rattan furniture has been around for a long time and therefore still looks ideal in a traditional garden set up as well as being able to appear stylish and modern in newer gardens.

Before grey rattan was introduced, black rattan was the most popular choice. However, offering a much lighter and more contemporary look, grey has pretty much abolished the use of black rattan. Grey rattan does not limit you to dark tones and is available in a range of different colour styles such as a two-toned dark grey and a lighter white wash shade which mixes white and grey tones.

Grey rattan furniture often comes with either a dark charcoal grey cushions or light grey cushions which are ideal as they will match any colour of scatter cushion from purples, to blues, to greens, to denim or striped. This means you can inject your own personality into your garden.

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Grey Rattan Is Stylish & Timeless

With grey rattan being so incredibly popular, you can purchase your /garden-furniture safe in the knowledge that it won’t be going anywhere. This means that your warranties can be fulfilled, and you can add to your collection in the future.

For example, right now you might only have the need for a grey rattan dining set, however in the future you may wish to add a pair of grey sun loungers, a sofa set, or a rattan heater to your collection, and you know you will be able to find matching items with ease.

Grey garden furniture always looks stylish, sleek and contemporary but grey rattan in particular is proving to be the most popular due to its weatherproof qualities. Rattan furniture, in all colours, is the most weatherproof garden furniture on the market. This is down to the powder coated aluminium framework which not only makes the furniture rust resistant but also light weight and easy to move.

Additionally, PE synthetic rattan is 100% weatherproof against UV rays, cold weather, and damp weather conditions and can be left outside all year round without cracking, going brittle, sagging, or any other weather damage.

If you’re looking for grey rattan furniture then there is plenty to choose from on our website, plus you can visit any of our showrooms to view and test our grey rattan in person.