Over the years rattan garden furniture has been available in many different colours from black to natural to lighter colours. However, as of recent years, brown and grey rattan garden furniture have become the frontrunners in popularity.

It can be difficult to decide between the colours, so we have offered our input into the Brown Rattan vs Grey Rattan debate. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference but if you are really stuck for a decision a little advice can’t hurt.

Brown Rattan Garden Furniture

At one point in time, brown rattan furniture was the most popular colour of rattan furniture and the original colour, which has been available for roughly 10 years now. Nearly all retailers of rattan garden furniture will offer at least one range of brown rattan furniture, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble sourcing a design and style to suit you.

Most rattan garden furniture is made using a mixture of light brown and dark brown rattan interwoven to create a chocolate kind of look. Some of the tones will vary to create slightly lighter or darker versions of this chocolate look so checking the colour in store, where possible, is still the best way to check the version of brown you want is the same as the photo.

There will be some retailers offering a plain brown rattan, which will only have one colour of brown rattan throughout the furniture. Whilst this is not as common as mixing browns it is still found on offer at several retailers.

In general, brown rattan is offered with beige or another light colour cushion which compliments the dark colour of the furniture, there are only a small number of retailers where you will find alternative cushion colours to beige.

Due to the fact that brown rattan has been the most popular rattan colour for a long period of time you should find it easy to add other products to your range at a later date, items such as sofa sets, corner sofa sets, daybeds, loungers, storage boxes, bar sets, and planters are easily found at most retailers.

You can also find brown rattan in a range of different rattan weave styles including flat, half round, full round and wide weave rattan. The shade and tone of brown will vary slightly depending on the rattan weave type. We recommend checking the weave matches any existing furniture you own if you are considering buying different sets that will be in proximity, in your garden

brown and grey rattan garden

furniture have become the

frontrunners in popularity

Grey Rattan Garden Furniture

In recent years the UK garden furniture industry has seen a shift from darker brown and black tones of garden furniture to lighter colours of which Grey is undoubtedly the most popular.

We put this transition down to consumer desire to match furniture to the more modern property styles we are seeing today. Grey colours are sleek and look contemporary against their darker counterparts, which makes grey the ideal choice of furniture for new build properties and freshly landscaped gardens.

Many retailers of grey rattan garden furniture use grey cushions to complete the look and continue the colour scheme throughout the garden. Grey rattan comes in a variety of different tones and shades from the lighter whitewash colourway (strong whites and greys mixed together) to darker fixed greys, which match window frames and guttering.

Choosing the right set of grey rattan furniture for your garden is going to be key to achieving the desired finished look. This could be hard if you’re only looking online as photographs don’t always represent colours correctly and depending on the lighting used or the angle of the photo you could be left disappointed with your purchase if it turns up not looking as you’d imagined.

To ensure you get the right grey rattan colour furniture we thoroughly recommend visiting the retailer, where possible, to check the furniture against the website, it really is the only way to ensure you’re going to be happy with your purchase.

To complete the look many garden furniture retailers will offer a range of accessories in matching or coordinating grey colours, examples of these are: scatter cushions, cantilever parasols, standard parasols and tableware.

If you really want to stand out and make your garden setting as beautiful as possible then we suggest you consider looking at the ranges of accessories retailers offer at the same time as picking your main furniture pieces.

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