Our Heritage collection is named so because it upholds the traditional values of rattan garden furniture – durable, comfortable, handwoven, and stylish. Here, we reveal the key qualities of our Heritage range that make it the perfect choice for your garden.

The Weave

Our Heritage collection, like all of our rattan, is handwoven making each piece crafted with love and painstaking detail. However, this collection is different to our Classic range because of the type of weave used. This furniture uses half-round weave for the main body of the chairs and tables with rod detailing on the table edges and the chair arms which improves the strength and durability of the furniture, as well as giving it a stylish edge.

The weave is a HDPE synthetic rattan which is the strongest and most weather resistant type available on the market. Real rattan is no good for the UK’s damp climate and so synthetic rattan is used to uphold the look and style of authentic rattan with a more weatherproof finish.


The Framework

All of our framework is powder coated aluminium. This is incredibly lightweight which means you can move the furniture with ease – but not so light it will blow over in the slightest breeze and endure damage easily. The best part about this aluminium is that it doesn’t rust. Some manufacturers use steel framework which will rust when wet and leave horrible orange stains all over your patio or decking which are very difficult to remove. But with aluminium it can be left outside all year round without the risk of rust.

The powder coating makes the framework look aesthetically pleasing and also improves the finish as opposed to wet painting the frames because it is more resistant to chipping, scratching and other wear.

The quality of

our Heritage range lies in

the details.

The Details

The quality of our Heritage range lies in the details. Our Heritage dining tables are made incredibly stronger in comparison to other collections thanks to the polyboard addition under the table.


What is polyboard?

Polyboard is a solid insert of plastic under the rattan of the tabletop. This prevents the weave from sagging and keeps the tabletop looking good as new for years to come. The polyboard will often have circles cut out of it to allow water and wind to pass through it.


Why do we use polyboard?

Rattan is a synthetic material that expands and contracts based on temperature. When rattan heats up under the glass of a table, it will expand. This can cause the weave to loosen temporarily and will hang lower from the glass, often referred to as “sagging”. The Polyboard sits below the rattan to reduce the visual look of the rattan hanging lower from the glass.

Lengthy Warranties

We’re so confident in the durability of our Heritage range that we offer 7-year guarantees on the rattan and framework. The guarantee will cover damage, splitting/cracked weave, among other things. We also offer 1-year warranties on the cushion covers and glass tabletops. The cushion covers themselves are stain-resistant and machine-washable, though they should never be dried in a tumble-dryer.

The aluminium framework is protected under warranty; however, the powder coating very rarely can begin to flake if exposed to extreme weather which will not be covered, the good news is if this does happen you would likely be unable to see it because the gorgeous rattan covers the powder coating, and it would not impact the durability of your furniture as it is purely aesthetic.

The polyboard insert serves as function-only and it is not deemed a defect if it has surface scratches or cracks, again you wouldn’t notice these minor defects unless you had your table upside-down, and it will not impact the quality of your furniture or the polyboard’s ability to reduce sagging.


Our Heritage collection is one of our most popular selections thanks to the qualities mentioned here, but more than any of that, it looks stunning in any garden, traditional or modern thanks to the conventional and contemporary colour choices available. To discover the collection for yourself, visit one of our showrooms to test the superior quality and comfort this range offers.