Combining both a comfortable corner sofa set and a casual dining table, the rattan corner sofa dining set is the ultimate space to relax and dine al fresco.

Why A Rattan Corner Set?

The rattan corner sofa dining set has risen in popularity over recent years thanks to its modern dining concept. The corner sofa allows you and your guests to sprawl out and relax and use the space as a lounge area when not using the dining space. However, when you want to dine outdoors, the dining table is the perfect size to share drinks and snacks with all of your loved ones.

Many corner sofa dining sets also offer footstools or benches which can create extra seating if needed or can be used to put your feet up after a long day, adding to the relaxation element the rattan corner sofa dining set is famous for.

The corner sofa dining set offers a large seating area, and many assume it will therefore only suit large garden spaces. However, these sets will sit neatly in the corner of any patio or garden, actually helping to save space in many cases, when compared to a large round dining set that would require plenty of space surrounding the set to allow room to pull the chairs out and walk around the set with ease.

There are plenty of shapes and styles available including an L-shaped corner sofa with a rectangular casual dining table, or a square shaped corner sofa and square casual dining tables. Additionally, there are modular corner sofas available which allow you to choose the shape of your sofa to suit your garden space and even separate the pieces to create different areas if required.

The rattan corner sofa dining set is

the ultimate space to relax and dine al fresco

Benefits Of This Set?

The beauty of the rattan corner sofa dining set is that it can be left outside all year round. The PE rattan and powder coated aluminium frames are completely weatherproof and can be left outside without weather damage. This is ideal because, although the furniture may not have to take up lots of room in your garden, it would take up plenty of space in a shed or garage and be difficult to store away.

Another reason the rattan corner sofa dining set is so popular is the fact that not only does this furniture look brilliant in a garden, but it is also ideal for pubs and restaurants, particularly rooftop terraces. The stylish furniture looks fun and modern and allows several people to sit and enjoy both food and drinks. As we know, when people are comfortable they are likely to spend more time in your business and therefore spend more money. This makes this comfortable furniture a real winner for businesses.

There are plenty of styles and colours available, meaning that should you opt for a rattan corner sofa dining set for your garden or a business purpose there is something to suit every atmosphere. We offer flat weave, wide weave, rod weave and mixed weave rattan corner sofa dining sets. We have found that in the flat weave, which is the most popular weave as it is incredibly durable whilst being the cheaper option, grey is the most popular colour. In our mixed weave Heritage range, we have found that our whitewash colour is increasing in popularity as it is the newest colour available. Plus, our Oyster collection has always proved popular for more traditional garden spaces as it is a unique Oyster shell colour with oatmeal cushions.


If you need help deciding which rattan corner sofa dining set is right for you, we recommend visiting one of our garden furniture showrooms where you can view and test the furniture for yourself, as well as get helpful advice and information from our friendly sales advisors.