Autumn is coming up fast, with the weather becoming cooler and wetter and a few warm days thrown in for good measure. Here, we’ve discussed how you can get the most out of your garden during the autumn months with rattan garden furniture.

We believe that spending time in the garden should not be an exclusive summer activity. The garden should be an extension of your home and not a room that gets closed off for ¾ of the year. Here are some great tips that will allow you to use your garden throughout the autumn.

"There’s no need to store your rattan garden furniture away just because the weather has changed."

- White Stores

Don't Store It Away

There’s no need to store your rattan garden furniture away just because the weather has changed, rattan garden furniture is extremely weatherproof and fully resistant to damp and cold conditions. This is because the aluminium framework is fully rustproof, and the PE synthetic rattan is designed to withstand all weather and requires little maintenance.


Keep it Clean

Rattan furniture requires very little attention other than a quick wipe down with some warm soapy water. But if you are worried about your rattan garden furniture getting dirty from falling autumn leaves or bird mess and would rather not spend time wiping it down, then the best thing to do is put a weatherproof cover over the top, this will allow you to whip off the cover at a moment’s notice and use your furniture on those warmer autumn days.

Add Furniture Items That Increase Usage

It may sound strange adding to your garden furniture collection during the autumn but if it is going to increase the amount of time you get to spend outside it is a great idea. Plus, as the season comes to an end you may be able to take advantage of offers and sale prices at this time of year.

Some top ideas for these items are rattan patio heaters, not only do they match your furniture, but they will keep you nice and warm. The same concept but perhaps a little more expensive is a fire pit or fire bowl. A cushion storage box with weatherproof cover can provide a great way to keep your cushions dry and clean as you cannot leave the cushions on the furniture when you cover it up.

Rattan is an incredibly durable material and will be fine when left outside all year, but following these top tips will mean that you won’t have to leave your furniture unused and that you will still get to enjoy the furniture you’ve invested in throughout the year.

If you need any help choosing garden furniture that will allow you to use your garden during the colder months, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms where you can test the furniture for yourself and get advice from our knowledgeable sales assistants.