If you’ve got a large family or you simply enjoy having plenty of people over for barbecues or garden parties, then choosing the right garden furniture can be tricky, especially if you have limited space.

Here, we’ve uncovered some of the best garden furniture designs for big families and those who like to entertain a larger number of guests.

Cube Sets

A cube set is the ultimate garden furniture for bigger families or for entertaining lots of guests, this is because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Everywhere you look with a cube set you will uncover extra seating, and best of all, you can pack everything away neatly once you’re finished.

Our range of rattan cube sets come with the option of four or six seats, but with each seat you will uncover a matching footstool, which can double up as extra seating. This means you really have the option of either eight or twelve seats, perfect for big numbers.

When the party is over, you can tuck the footstools under the chairs and tuck the chairs under the table, perfect for keeping your garden space free when the furniture is not in use.


Dining Sets

Our extensive range of outdoor dining sets brings all the seats to the table for larger gatherings. Ranging from two seats to ten seats, these sets were made for every moment.

For larger families and people who invite over more guests, bigger sets are best. As an example, a six seat dining set would be ideal for a larger family, whereas an eight seat dining set would be suitable for those who need that extra seating for extended family or other guests.

But if you really want to push the boat out, then explore our Classic collection for ten seat dining, or our aluminium range with it's stylish picnic bench which can seat eight to ten people.

These seating options are available across our range of materials, which include rattan, aluminium, cast aluminium and outdoor fabric.

Choosing the right garden furniture

can be tricky, especially if you

have limited space.

Casual Dining Corner Sofa Sets

Corner sofas offer plenty of space for you and your guests to either sprawl out, or cram as many people on as possible, all whilst still being comfortable. Plus, combined with our casual dining tables, this means there is plenty of space to dine al fresco.

Our range of rattan casual dining corner sofa sets all come with a number of footstools or benches which allow room for extra guests to sit around the table.

Our top pick of casual dining sets are those with rising tables, this means you can either use the table as a casual dining set or lower the table and use it as a coffee table. Ideal for inviting lots of friends for dinner or relaxing with some cake and a cup of tea.


Extending Garden Tables

Extending garden tables are perfect for big families as when in use, you can extend the table out to offer more space to spread out the dining chairs or fit more food on the table. Even when it’s just mum and dad at home, or the table isn’t in use, you can contract the table to its original size and keep your garden space neat and tidy.

These extending garden tables are often made from either rattan or aluminium. We recommend looking for extending tables that come with stackable chairs, this way the chairs that aren’t in regular use can be stacked and stored neatly.

Curved Casual Dining Sets

If you want a casual dining set with a difference, then our Windsor Casual Dining Set is for you. This curved, compact shaped set would make a great addition to any garden; as not only can it seat a good number of people, but it also saves space with its footprint.

Its rising table is perfect for entertaining multiple guests as it gives you an ample dining area, and you can switch from coffee and cake to wine and barbequed meat in a heartbeat.


If you are planning a large garden party or you have a big family and you are looking for suitable garden furniture, we recommend a trip to one of our showrooms so that you can test the furniture for yourself. Or give one of our customer service advisors a call and they will be able to recommend the best option to suit your needs.