If you’re looking for a guaranteed success in your garden, whether your garden is big or small, we always recommend a rattan cube sets. Cube sets are extremely popular for many reasons and are some of our best-selling pieces of garden furniture.

Cube Sets

Cube sets are available in a range of different sizes, including as small as a 2-seat cube set right up to an 8-seat cube set, so there is an option for every garden. No matter how large you go, the beauty of a cube set is that all of the chairs and footstools included will tuck neatly under the table to form a perfect cube and help you save space in your garden.

Cube sets are so popular because they allow you to make the most of your garden space and, unlike other furniture, they give you the option to reduce the space they are taking up when not in use. Never again will you have to trip over chairs left around the table when you are playing with the kids in the garden or just trying to do a spot of gardening. Nor will the furniture make it difficult for you to get around your garden as everything can be tucked neatly away.

To form the cube shape, you simply fold down the backs of the chairs, place the footstools under the chairs, and then slide the chairs and the footstools under the table to create a neat and tidy cube.

Cube sets are extremely

popular for many reasons

Options available

There are plenty of cube set options available with the most popular choice being the familiar cube dining set. However, there is also the choice of a sofa cube set which is not only ideal for al fresco dining but is the perfect choice for outdoor lounging as well. Again, the two sofas will tuck neatly under the dining table when not in use to create extra space.

Cube sets are perfect for entertaining because they offer extreme versatility and plenty of space for your guests. For example, if you choose a 4-seat cube set you will not only have 4 chairs but an additional 4 footstools which double up as extra seating, or a 6-seat cube set will also come with 6 footstools. This means you get plenty of additional seating space without needing a larger table or needing to take up extra room in the garden.

All of White Stores’ rattan cube sets are also extremely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round without risk of weather damage. This is because we only use the finest materials including powder coated aluminium frames, which prevent rust, and HDPE synthetic rattan which is tested in all weather conditions and is specifically designed to withstand the harsh British climate.


If you’re looking for a rattan cube set for your garden, patio or decking are but are unsure what size you need then do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help. Or you could visit one of our great showrooms and take a look at the furniture before you buy.