Outdoor living accessories have the power to transform your garden from somewhere you use on the odd occasion into an outdoor haven that you can get regular enjoyment from. Below, we have revealed the top outdoor accessories that everyone must have this summer.

Garden furniture accessories are no longer limited to pretty cushions and rugs that improve the look of your furniture, they are now extremely practical and useful, allowing you to truly get the most of your garden. Here are some of our recommended accessories:

Warming Racks for Firepit Tables

These warming racks are the ideal accessory if you would like to host regular barbecues or outdoor dinner parties. Whilst you can’t cook directly from the firepit table on these racks, they are the perfect accessory for keeping your food warm.

Simply transfer your pre-cooked food from the barbecue or oven to the warming rack and place over the warming flames. This will mean that you can keep the food in front of you on the table, without having to keep dashing back indoors for second helpings and also means that your tasty food you’ve spent ages cooking will stay hot and will likely not go to waste – no one likes a cold burger!


Privacy Screens for Pergolas

Our pergolas are the perfect shelter for using your garden in all weather conditions thanks to the opening and closing louvres. But you can make this even more enjoyable with the addition of our privacy screens.

Not only do the privacy screens do exactly what the name suggests and create a closed off private area, but they also allow you to create shade from the sun when needed, block out the wind and block out the rain, so that you can use your outdoor space in all weather conditions.

we have revealed the top outdoor

accessories that everyone must have

LED Parasols

Parasols are perfect for casting shade over your area on a hot day, making them a great garden accessory to have. But an LED parasol is even better, as this doubles up as a night time accessory that will allow you to spend longer in the garden.

Our Galaxy LED Parasol range is ideal for lighting up your chosen area in the evenings to stretch out your garden use, but also has a thick canopy that protects you from the hot sun on a summer’s day.


Storage Boxes

The British Summer Time can be temperamental at best and for every few days of sunshine you can expect a week’s worth of showers. So, if you don’t want to continuously take your garden furniture cushions indoors and out every day or risk them getting wet a cushion storage box is the ideal solution.

You can pop your cushions in the box after every use, meaning they won’t take up room in the shed or garage and they will be kept safe from showers. We do advise that the storage boxes are not fully watertight so in heavier downpours the cushions should be kept indoors, or the storage box should be kept sheltered.

Lazy Susans for Dining Sets

If you enjoy regular outdoor dining, then a lazy susan is the perfect accessory for you. No longer will you need to lean over to grab the ketchup or ask someone at the end of the table to pass the salt, instead simply place all of your condiments on the lazy susan and gently spin to pass the items around the table. This will lead to fewer spillages and a much smoother dining experience.


Outdoor Furniture Covers

Another brilliant accessory is a garden furniture cover. Keeping your furniture dry and clean, these covers will enable to use your garden furniture more often.

How many times have you gone to sit on your outdoor furniture and found it dirty or damp and so you head back indoors? With a garden furniture cover, you will simply need to whip the cover off, put the cushions back on and sit down without the hassle of wiping the set clean or drying it off.


If you need help choosing the perfect accessories for your garden, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms.