Are you limited on outdoor space? Do you stare longingly at your balcony wishing you could sit outdoors but can’t find furniture to fit? The perfect solution could be a rattan lounge set – the ultimate balcony furniture.

Just because you have a balcony rather than a patio or garden, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of sitting outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and breathing in the fresh air. A lounge set could offer the perfect solution to creating an enjoyable outdoor seating area for your balcony.

Why A Lounge Set?

A lounge set is comfortable yet space saving, making it ideal for balconies or smaller patios. The pieces can be arranged however best suits your space, giving you freedom over your area, not confined to the layout of the furniture.

Lounge sets come in plenty of styles, including stylish reclining options, which offer extreme comfort for you and a loved one to fully relax and unwind. You’ll often also get a side table included which is perfect for keeping drinks and snacks within arm’s reach.

The perfect solution

could be a rattan

lounge set.

Why A Rattan Lounge Set?

There are lots of lounge sets on the market, so why should you choose a rattan lounge set for your balcony? There are multiple reasons that rattan is king of garden furniture, but particularly for smaller spaces.

Rattan Garden Furniture is extremely weatherproof and that means you can leave the furniture out on your balcony all year round, perfect for those with flats or apartments who do not have shed or garage space to store furniture away for the winter. The only thing you will need to bring indoors is the cushions, which won’t take up much space at all.

High quality rattan made from powder-coated aluminium framework and HDPE synthetic rattan does not rust. This means that you will never have to worry about orange rust stains on your balcony.

Not only this, but this type of rattan is also incredibly lightweight and therefore easy to carry upstairs in order to reach your balcony, making it the perfect garden furniture for balconies.

If you need help choosing a rattan lounge set for your balcony or patio space, we recommend visiting one of our garden furniture showrooms. There you can test the furniture in person for comfort, compare different styles and measure up to find the perfect fit for your space.