Summer might have come to an abrupt and rainy end, but we’re already looking forward to next year and when we can get back outdoors to enjoy our garden furniture. For those of you thinking about doing up your garden next year, we’re here to tell you not to put off making plans and why NOW is the best time to pre-order your garden furniture.

It’s rainy, it’s cold and the last thing you want to do is sit outdoors, but come spring you’re going to want to be able to enjoy your garden straight away and you won’t want to wait for your new furniture to arrive – we all know what British weather is like, if you’re waiting for garden furniture you could have missed all the sun by the time it arrives. So, pre-ordering now is a brilliant way to avoid missing the sunshine. Here are the top 5 reasons to pre-order your garden furniture now:

Save Money

We all love a bargain, well if you order your garden furniture now you are likely to get a brilliant deal. During the out-of-season months, most retailers will offer discounts or sell at reduced prices. This allows you to get the furniture you love at a fraction of the price it would be if you waited until next spring to order. Plus, at these prices, the furniture could sell out and you might miss out on your favourite furniture.


No Storage Worries

Another great thing about pre-ordering now is that most retailers won’t be holding stock right now and will give you an expected delivered by date which is likely to be early spring. This means that you won’t have to worry about storing the furniture away until you are ready to use it and it will turn up in time for you to start using it straight away. But, if your item is in stock, if you're ordering items like rattan garden furniture or outdoor fabric, these items are fully weatherproof and can be left outside.

we’re here to tell you not to put off making

plans and why NOW is the best time to

pre-order your garden furniture.

Won’t Miss the Weather

Most retailers get their garden furniture from the Far East and the first items will start arriving on containers in early springtime. If you order your garden furniture early your order is more likely to be on one of those first containers, meaning you will get your garden furniture nice and early for you to enjoy it for the whole summer. If you leave it late to order your furniture it may be on a later container and you could miss some of the nicer weather months.


Won’t Miss Out on Your Favourite Set

If you’ve already seen a garden furniture set that you really love but you’re waiting until the spring or summer to order, you might be disappointed if the item sells out. If you pre-order now, you know you’re guaranteed to get the set you wanted, and you won’t have to settle for your second or third favourite.


You Have Time to Execute Other Garden Plans

If you’re planning on redeveloping or landscaping your garden then you will have time to do this before your garden furniture arrives, meaning you can plan out exactly where it is going to go. This is great as you will have time to decide exactly what garden furniture you want, and you won’t have to make a rushed decision just so that you get something quickly in time for the good weather.

Before making a decision, we recommend visiting one of our garden furniture showrooms to view and test the furniture for yourself. Our Essex showroom has over 200 garden furniture sets on display all year round, which means if you are thinking about pre-ordering your garden furniture you can visit us whenever suits you.

Please note: Any offers, discount codes, or prices listed in this post may have expired.