Christmas Nutcrackers have been increasing in popularity year-on-year, in particular our Norbert the Nutcracker character. Norbert has won over the hearts of many, thanks to his stunning colour options, stylish lights and personality that shines through. 

Here, we reveal the story of how Norbert came to exist!

Nutcracker Beginnings

The first origins of Nutcrackers as the earliest versions of the distinctive soldier dolls we know today appeared in the late 17th century and were made from wood. These dolls were carved alongside toys and weren’t specifically Christmas-themed. However, they were often given as gifts and symbolise good luck in German tradition.

The popularity of these dolls increased when Peter Tchaikovsky adapted an 1816 E.T.A Hoffman (coincidentally where our beloved Norbert gets his last name from) Christmas story called The Nutcracker and the Mouse King for the popular ballet first performed in 1892.

In recent years, Disney has released a film surrounding the Nutcracker which increased the traditional dolls' popularity again.

Our very own Norbert the Nutcracker

was designed to bring together all of the

most popular features of a traditional Nutcracker.

Modern Nutcrackers

Traditionally Nutcrackers are made out of wood, however, this material is only really suitable for indoor use, so in order for Nutcrackers to become a larger part of the Christmas display, new materials have been used to increase durability. Our Nutcrackers are made from weatherproof polyresin, which is light enough to move around but durable against winter weather conditions and sturdy enough to remain in place.

Not only have Nutcrackers changed in material but they have also become bigger and better than ever before, with some soldiers even offering LED lights and Christmas music as part of their appeal. This has transformed the Nutcracker from a small additional decoration to a major part of a Christmas display, making them increasingly desirable and collectable.

Norbert's Creation

Our very own Norbert the Nutcracker was designed to bring together all of the most popular features of a traditional Nutcracker – large teeth, moustache and stylish crown or hat – with modern developments such as LED lights. He is 3ft tall, allowing him to fit perfectly both indoors and outdoors and comes in a range of colours, ideal for collecting all versions or simply choosing that which best goes with your Christmas theme.

Norbert is hand painted and that means that every version of Norbert is unique and incredibly special. He is battery-operated and makes the perfect accompaniment next to a front door or fireplace.

Norbert’s story has been transformed into a short video which can be watched above. You can also read Norbert's original story here.

Norbert has grown in popularity over the years and has become our most well-known and well-loved Christmas character, even now having his own Instagram account @norbertthenutcracker. As Norbert’s popularity and personality develops, we are excited to see more and more photos of Norbert being enjoyed over the festive period – be sure to tag Norbert in all your photos!