With Christmas preparations in full swing, we’re looking at what people can do to liven up both the inside and outside of their homes this Christmas. Christmas is becoming a bigger and better celebration every year, with plenty of us looking to fully dress our homes from top to bottom in stunning lights and Christmas cheer. We believe that these Christmas figures are a great way to stand out from the crowd and bring plenty of Christmas joy to your home.

Christmas Nutcrackers

We offer a huge range of outdoor Christmas figures and some of our favourites include our selection of large polyresin Nutcrackers. With Nutcrackers reaching up to 10ft tall, these huge items are ideal for outdoor use where they will look truly magnificent guarding your front door. These stunning figures offer plenty of different characteristics to suit your taste, including multi-coloured LED lights, musical options that play a choice of 8 Christmas songs and moving arms that beat their drums in time to the music. We recommend a pair of Nutcrackers for the most impressive front door look.

However, if you would prefer your Nutcrackers indoors so that you get to enjoy looking at them then some of our smaller figures look perfect indoors. Our charming 3-foot Norbert Nutcracker is incredibly popular and it’s not hard to see why! Available in a choice of 6 vibrant colours and with LED lights built into his jacket, he’s sure to bring festive cheer to any room.

Christmas is becoming a bigger

and better celebration

every year

Christmas Figures

We also have a huge selection of rattan Christmas figures, ideal for use both outdoors and indoors. The rattan is fully weatherproof and allows for a unique and natural look that will not rust in the cold or damp winter conditions. However, if you want to keep them indoors then they will look great inside too, thanks to their natural colours and sparkling LED lights.

Additionally, there are plenty of acrylic figures which are ideal for outdoor use because their weatherproof nature makes them extremely practical and their bright LED lights are perfect for lighting up your outside space.

Not only do we have figures and characters that are standing figures, but we also have plenty of wall hanging figures including acrylic reindeer heads and rattan hearts and stars. These figures add an extra dimension and layer to your Christmas display, whether you opt to hang them indoors over a fireplace or on an outdoor wall or front door.

Our huge collection of Christmas figures are all suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, if you are using your figures outdoors we recommend that for both mains-operated and battery-operated figures you ensure the battery pack or mains plug is suitably covered to prevent damage.


If you need help selecting the best Christmas figure for your home, we recommend speaking to one of our knowledgeable sales team or taking a good look through our product descriptions to understand the characteristics and features of our figures.