The days are short, and the nights are cold, the perfect way to warm up is with a hot drink. We’ve teamed up with Joanna from @thedaviesnest to bring you the ultimate festive hot chocolate recipe.

It’s a cold winter's afternoon, the sun is already setting, you’ve decorated the Christmas tree, the Christmas lights are on, and you’re curled under a chunky knitted blanket watching your favourite festive films. What could possibly make this even better? A delicious, warming hot chocolate that is freshly made to your taste! Now you’ve pictured it, here’s how to turn it into a reality.

What You'll Need

3 glasses of whole milk (can be substituted for oat or almond milk as a vegan alternative).

200g of milk or dark chocolate.

3 tablespoons of good quality cocoa (Joanna recommends Hotel Chocolat).

1/3 cup of brown sugar.

1.5 teaspoons of vanilla extract.

1 pinch of salt. (Joanna promises this wakes up the taste of the chocolate)

Whipped cream, marshmallows, and sprinkles for toppings.

Optional Extras: Ground cinnamon and nutmeg, Baileys or brandy.

A delicious, warming hot

chocolate that is freshly made

to your taste

How to Make the Perfect Hot Chocolate:

Step 1: Break apart the chocolate into small chunks that will melt easily.

Step 2: Combine all of the ingredients (excluding toppings) in a deep saucepan and simmer gently over a low heat. (Top tip: If it’s a particularly cold night, adding ground cinnamon and nutmeg at this stage will add a kick of heat that is sure to warm you up)

Step 3: Continuously stir in a slow and careful motion until all the sugars have dissolved. (Top tip: If you’re feeling extra festive, here is where you would add a splash of baileys or brandy – just a capful should do it!)

Step 4: Carefully pour or use a ladle to serve into tall glasses or tall festive mugs.

Step 5: Top with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, sprinkles or any other choice of topping.

Step 6: Enjoy as the perfect accompaniment to your chunky knitted blankets and festive films!

Give It A Go!

If you’ve had a go at creating this brilliant recipe, we would love to see the result! Tag us in your festive photos on Instagram.