Christmas is a fun, but stressful, time of year. Many people are working extra hours and filling time with work and family events before the big day, which leaves little time for decorating the family home. With these easy decorating tips, you will have a festive set up in no time, for all the family to enjoy.

Hassle Free Christmas Trees

A fibre optic artificial Christmas tree is the most hassle-free and the easiest Christmas tree option. This is because a fibre optic tree is pre-lit with stunning fibre optic LEDs and often with great decorations, too. This means no need to spend hours untangling lights and trying to get them wrapped around the tree, and no need to spend hours fiddling with baubles and ornaments to get them to look just right on your tree.

Many of our Winter Workshop fibre optic Christmas trees arrive fully assembled, all that is required is a quick fluff and rearrange of the branches to get them looking thick and full, then simply plug the tree in and you're done! Your Christmas tree will be ready in minutes.

With these easy decorating tips,

you will have a festive set up in no time

Low Fuss Christmas Lights

If you've not got the time to spend untangling Christmas lights then a fun, festive alternative is Christmas silhouettes. From tapestries, to 3D hearts and stars or light up presents, these festive shapes are easy to use and require no time at all. Simply choose your location and switch on, hey presto, a quick and easy way to enjoy Christmas lighting.


Don't Forget the Front Door

Give yourself, (and the postie!) a smile every time you go to your front door by doing something super simple and easy by hanging a Christmas wreath. You will feel festive and happy as soon as you come home and that's what Christmas is all about.

We recommend an artificial Christmas wreath as these can be used year upon year as long as you store them safely.

Friendly Christmas Figures

Our collection of Christmas figures is ideal for finding a quick and easy decoration. Whether you would like a pair of charismatic nutcrackers to guard your front door, or a friendly grazing reindeer on your lawn, or even a jolly snowman to light up your path, there is a Christmas figure for everyone. Plus, you can go as big or as small as you like with figures ranging from 40cm to 6ft!

These figures are an easy way to light up a space and add some festive cheer to areas you might otherwise leave bare.


Alternative Christmas Trees

If you want to spend absolutely no time on decorating the outside of your home then a brilliant solution is an alternative, LED Pop-Up tree. LED trees are a fantastic alternative solution to a classic outdoor Christmas tree. Requiring absolutely no time, fuss or decorating.


These easy Christmas decorating methods are perfect for busy families and also make the clean-up process in January a doddle. If you're looking for Christmas inspiration then be sure to follow our Instagram page.