If you’re bored of the same old Christmas decorations and want your display to stand out from the crowd, we’ve revealed the must-have Christmas accessories that will completely transform the look and feel of your Christmas décor.

Twinkly Christmas Lights

What’s so special about Christmas lights? We hear you ask. Well, we’re here to tell you all about Twinkly and their special app that is designed to transform your Christmas display in more ways than one.

These incredibly special lights from Twinkly are combined with a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth controller and a state-of-the-art smartphone app, (free to download on Android and iOS) which allows you to create amazing light shows with ease.

You can change the settings in multiple ways using the handy controller provided or you can use the app to control the lights from your phone and have them perform a wide variety of multi-function settings, with new ones always waiting to be downloaded. Not only can you adjust the settings, but you can also change the brightness, speed, intensity and the colour palette for fully modifiable Christmas lights. Plus, you can apply your own timer settings, meaning the lights are never on when they don't need to be.

These stunning lights are the most accessible and easy way to transform your Christmas display, daily if you wanted to thanks to the many options available.

want your display to stand out from the crowd

Christmas Nutcrackers

Our friendly Nutcracker figures can completely transform your display by giving it ample personality. With so many different characters to choose from you can collect them all or choose your favourite. Our beloved Norbert the Nutcracker is a firm favourite, along with his younger brother Noel - because they are 3ft tall they can be added to just about any display. However, if you’re looking for something grander that will truly set you apart from the neighbours, our giant nutcrackers that play music and move are a great choice.


Novelty Lighting

We have plenty of novelty lighting options that will really help your display stand out from the crowd. In particular, our musical lampposts are something very different and will definitely capture people’s attention. Along with this, our great selection of wall lights is perfect for transforming otherwise blank spaces.


Rattan Reindeers

Big or small, our rattan reindeer collection is ideal for bringing your display to life. These adorable figures truly embody the Christmas spirit and can be used indoors or outdoors. The reindeer light up and are dual powered allowing you to choose between batteries or mains electricity, so you can truly put the reindeer anywhere within your home without limitations. With so many size options available you can opt for one or two or even have your own family of reindeer.

Tree Rings

If you have an artificial Christmas tree, no matter how lifelike the branches appear, the plastic or metal stand will show that it is a fake. To combat this and really create the illusion of a real tree – without any of the hassle of maintenance such as watering or falling needles – a tree ring that covers this stand from view is perfect. Our metal tree rings are the latest designs, and these sparkling colours will transform your artificial tree into indistinguishable from the real thing in an instant.


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