If you had to guess how much it would cost to have Christmas lights on throughout the Christmas period, we reckon you would guess at around £30, maybe even more! But what if we told you our Christmas lights cost between 1p-3p per day to run? Meaning it costs around £1 to use our Christmas lights for a 30-day period. How? We hear you ask. Let us explain more!

Energy-Efficient LED Christmas Lights

All of our Christmas light collections are crafted using LED bulbs which are not only exceptionally bright, giving off that spectacular Christmas glow, but they are also incredibly energy-efficient and long-lasting, using 90% less energy than standard bulbs.

Many of our lights are also rated 1P44 which means they can be used indoors and outdoors safely, allowing you to light up every area of your home, and when running costs are this cheap, you won’t feel guilty for doing so. The plugs are IP20 rated which means they should be plugged into an indoor socket or a suitably covered, watertight, outdoor socket.


No Wasted Time or Energy

We’ve all gone to bed before and forgotten to turn off the Christmas lights, and what a waste of energy and money that is when you weren’t even enjoying the lights and they were probably driving the neighbours mad all night long! Well, thanks to the timer function on all of our Christmas lights, you will never have this problem again and you will only pay for what you use.

The timer function turns the lights on at the same time every day for 8 hours and off for 16. This will run from the time you first switch the lights on, so to reset the timer, simply turn them off and back on at the time you want the 8 hours to start each day. This is perfect to keep costs low and save energy as well as get maximum enjoyment out of your lights.

All of our Christmas light

collections are crafted

using LED bulbs.

Calculated Running Costs

We have calculated the running cost of each set of lights based on the government’s current energy price cap which has been set to 34p to run 1000w per hour, as well as running on the 8-hour timer function. If you do not use the timer function, these costs may be slightly higher, but we’d wager the cost is still a lot lower than you anticipated before you started reading this blog!

For smaller sets of lights, like our 480 LED and 500 LED pin wire lights, these run at 3.6w per hour which means they cost approx. 1p to run for 8 hours. For medium sets of lights, including 2000, compact LEDs – which you would typically use on a 7ft tree – these run at 6w per hour which means they cost approx. 2p to run for 8 hours. And for larger lights such as 2000 cluster LEDs - which are great for decorating guttering - these run at 9w per hour which means they cost approx. 3p to run for 8 hours.

So, at the highest cost, these lights would cost you less than £1 to run for 8 hours a day for the 30-day Christmas period. Or, if you’re an early bird who likes to put your decorations up in November, this is still less than £1.50 for a 45-day period. Much cheaper than you thought right?

With so many lights to choose from and, hopefully, now less worry about the cost of running them this Christmas, we recommend looking at our full product range or checking out our guide for choosing your perfect LED Christmas lights.