Choosing the theme for your Christmas decorations can be a hard task. Several people like to pick a colour and keep everything matching, others enjoy a mish mash of several different colours and styles. However, if you’re still struggling to decide, we recommend starting with your Christmas lights

At White Stores, our range of Christmas lights come in several different styles, but for the majority, the 6 available colours are consistent (excluding our range of icicle lights). So whether you want a full-looking tree and choose our Cluster or Compact Cluster lights or an evenly spaced tree and opt for our string lights, you have the choice between cool white, warm white, copper glow, cool & warm white mix, rainbow, and multi-coloured.

These colours cover a wide range of colour schemes to help you choose lights that complement your existing decorations or that allow you to go forth and purchase a brand-new collection. Below we have outlined the characteristics of each colour and the colour schemes we feel they are best suited to.

Cool White

Our cool white range offers the lightest and brightest colour choice. These luminescent lights are ideal for all areas of the home and are a classic colouring at Christmas. These lights are perfect for matching with blue and silver decorations for a classic wintery look. We feel these lights stand out most when used on a green Christmas tree as opposed to a flocked or snowy tree as they could get lost against the white.


Warm White

On the other hand, our warm white range is extremely popular when partnered with snowy or flocked Christmas trees, as the gentle glow helps to offset the white perfectly. The warm white lights have a slightly yellow/orange tint to them which makes them less harsh than the cool white and is perfect for a cosier appearance. Our warm white lights will match just about any colour but look particularly well suited with green, red and gold decorations.

Copper Glow

Our copper glow lights are named so because of their coppery/orange tinge. The colour could also be referred to as a rose gold. These lights are unique and interesting and look stunning when partnered with a snowy or flocked tree. Gold or black ornaments and decorations are a great match with this colour.

Cool & Warm White Mix

Combining both cool white and warm white lights gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to bright colours and a cosy glow. The colours contrast perfectly for a unique appearance that will look good on any tree. If you want to match your decorations to these lights then we recommend a mixture of light blue, white and gold baubles and ornaments.


Our multi-coloured lights combine the colours blue, green, red and warm white which creates an overall darker hue but is equally impressive with its collection of bright colours. These lights are ideal for a green tree and are perfect for those who like a mish mash of decorations as the colours will work well with any colour ornaments or decorations.


Our rainbow lights are another version of multi-colour with the colours orange, pink and turquoise for something more unique. These bright colours work against green and flocked trees alike and are perfect for complimenting pastel decorations and bright pinks.

Colour Changing Lights

If you simply can't decide or you like to regularly change your Christmas display theme, then our great selection of colour-changing Twinkly lights are perfect for you. These brilliant indoor and outdoor lights can be controlled via an app and can swap between hundreds of different colour options. This makes these lights suitable with all types of tree and decoration themes.

Please bear in mind when shopping for your lights that your screen resolution and brightness settings will impact the way you view the lights, and the colour they appear on screen may differ to the colour you see with the naked eye.


If you need help choosing a colour or style of lights please do not hesitate to contact us.