Our popular range of Twinkly™ Christmas lights are revolutionising the way we decorate our homes for Christmas. These fantastic, futuristic lights are making Christmas easy and flew off the shelves last year. So, why not get ahead of the curve and grab yours now? Below we detail what sets these lights apart from all the others.

"These amazing lights are designed to be partnered with an app on your Smartphone"

- White Stores

How Twinkly Lights Are Revolutionising the Way We Do Christmas

Our collection of Twinkly™ Christmas lights make Christmas easier and even more exciting.

These amazing lights are designed to be partnered with an app on your Smartphone, which among other incredible things means you won’t need to climb under the tree or even move from your cosy spot on the sofa to turn these lights on and off. Simply, whip out your phone, load up the app and you can control your lights with ease.

Step By Step Guide

1. Use the handy controller to change basic settings or use the state-of-the-art free smartphone app to choose from a variety of settings.

2. There are unlimited multi-function settings and new ones are always coming out to be downloaded and synced with your lights – kiss goodbye to the boring old 8 settings.

3. You can adjust the brightness of your lights to fit the time of day or the mood.

4. You can adjust the speed and intensity of the lights.

5. You can apply your own timer settings, so that the lights are never on when they don’t need to be, saving you electricity and money.

6. You can change the colour palette of your lights, meaning every time you fancy a theme change, your lights can change along with this.

7. You can group each Twinkly™ product with up to 10 devices or 4,000 LEDs, allowing you to cover your home in stunning lights that you can control with ease.

8. You can create stunning light shows in time to music with the Twinkly™ Music Dongle accessory.

The Music Dongle USB Accessory

If you’re going for Twinkly™ Christmas lights this year, then you simply must also get the Music Dongle USB accessory to do even more exciting things with your lights! This USB-powered device has a sensitive digital microphone that can analyse any sort of music and move your lights in time to the beat, creating fantastic light shows. So, whether you play a classic Christmas tune, hard rock, classic pop or some bouncy techno, your lights will move in time to the beat.

It’s Not Just Lights

But it’s not just Christmas lights, we also have a great selection of classic Christmas favourites from Twinkly™, such as Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands that all work in the very same way as the Christmas lights. This means your whole house can be decorated in the lights of the future!

For more information on Twinkly™ lights or any of our Christmas collection, speak to our happy Christmas elves on the customer service team.