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  1. Why Choose a Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

    Many of us opt for an artificial Christmas tree over a real Christmas tree because they are more convenient, create less mess and can be used year after year ensuring you get your money’s worth. But did you know a fibre optic tree can work out as the easiest and most cost-effective festive solution? We’ve revealed the top reasons you should choose a fibre optic Christmas tree this season.

  2. Your Guide to Decorating a Christmas Tree

    Whether you have a real or an artificial Christmas tree, decorating it is one of the most festive and fun parts about Christmas but how do you make your tree look its best? Follow our handy guide to ensure your Christmas tree looks as stylish as possible.

  3. Christmas Lights of The Future – Available Now!

    Our popular range of Twinkly™ Christmas lights are revolutionising the way we decorate our homes for Christmas. These fantastic, futuristic lights are making Christmas easy and flew off the shelves last year. So, why not get ahead of the curve and grab yours now? Below we detail what sets these lights apart from all the others.

  4. Christmas Has Come Early!

    This Christmas we all deserve to have our biggest and best ever festive season spent with loved ones, and trends have shown that people are starting earlier than ever. We’ve put together a handy guide to Christmas decorations so you can make this year one to remember.

  5. The Rise of The Christmas Nutcracker

    Every year we see a rise in the popularity of our Christmas Nutcracker collection, and this year they seem to be more in demand than ever. If you’re thinking of adding a Nutcracker to your Christmas display this year, here’s why you definitely should and what you need to know about these charming characters.

  6. Why Are Pin Wire Lights This Year's Must-Have

    We recently introduced a brand new collection of Christmas lights, that are taking the internet by storm! Pin Wire lights have quickly become this year's "must-have", but what makes them so special and why should you choose them over other light styles? Read on to discover the answers.

  7. How to Dress Your Christmas Tree

    Whether you have a real or an artificial Christmas tree, what you dress your tree with can make all the difference to how good your tree looks. Here, we have revealed some top tips to help your tree look its best

  8. Make your Christmas Pretty In Pink

    For this Christmas season, pink is the new green! This unusual Christmas colour will allow your display to stand out and is perfect for gorgeous glam, crazy cheese, or stylish vintage looks. Here, we have uncovered how to make your Christmas pretty in pink.

  9. Meet the Christmas Character Must-Haves For This Season

    The brilliant thing about Christmas is that there is always something new on the market to add to your Christmas display and Christmas figures are especially great to build families and collections that brighten your home for years to come. Here, we’ll introduce you to this year’s most-loved characters.

  10. FAQs For Christmas Lights

    If you’ve got your Christmas lights home and you’re not sure how they work or you’re having trouble setting your timer function, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we have tried to answer as many of our frequently asked questions about our Christmas lights as possible.

  11. Choose Your Christmas Statue

    Christmas decorations come in all shapes and sizes, some of our favourite decorations this year are Christmas statues. Discover all of the latest characters and choose your favourite with our handy tips below.

  12. String Lights vs Cluster Lights

    Whether you’ve got a real or an artificial Christmas tree, every tree needs Christmas lights to make it look truly festive. However, getting the right amount of lights can be tricky. Follow our guide to make sure you achieve the look you want.

  13. Glass vs. Shatterproof Christmas Baubles

    It’s the time of year where everyone is putting their Christmas tree up, love it or hate it, it is time to get festive! But what type of baubles are best for your tree? We’ve investigated whether glass or shatterproof baubles are better.

  14. The Beauty of a Flocked Christmas Tree

    Flocked, snowy and frosted artificial trees are a hugely popular style of tree. They’re so beautiful that it’s not hard to see why, but what makes a flocked tree so special and what should you be aware of before assembling your snowy tree? We’ve revealed all in this handy blog update.

  15. How To Decorate Your Whole House This Christmas

    If you've not already put up your Christmas decorations, then the first weekend in December is National Put Your Decorations Up Weekend and is officially the most popular weekend to do so. Here, we've revealed how you can decorate your whole house, from the outside in.

  16. The Story Of Norbert The Nutcracker

    Christmas Nutcrackers have been increasing in popularity year-on-year, in particular our Norbert the Nutcracker character. Norbert has won over the hearts of many, thanks to his stunning colour options, stylish lights and personality that shines through. Here, we reveal the story of how Norbert came to exist!

  17. How To Use Traditional Christmas Colours In The Modern Age

    Red, green and gold are the most popular, traditional Christmas colours, but as modern décor gravitates more towards greys and pastel colours, do traditional Christmas colours still hold a place in the modern home? We say yes! Discover our top tips for using these colours below.

  18. Novelty Christmas Lighting

    If you’re looking for something a bit different this Christmas, then look no further than our range of Novelty Lighting. These unique lighting styles are perfect for creating a Christmas display with a difference.