It’s the time of year when everyone is putting their Christmas tree up, love it or hate it, it is time to get festive! But what type of baubles are best for your tree? We’ve investigated whether glass or shatterproof baubles are better.

Whilst many people opt for glass baubles because they are traditional and have a certain glamourous appeal, shatterproof baubles are becoming much more popular among families as it means everyone can get involved in decorating the tree, but which suits you best?

Glass Baubles

Glass baubles are stunning, there’s no denying it, there is something special about holding a precious glass bauble and the way it looks on your tree. However, they are often more costly and extremely delicate, even a fall onto carpet could leave them shattered and irreparable.

If you have a young family that wish to get involved with decorating the tree or pets that are likely to knock into the tree, then glass baubles may not be the best choice. However, if you have grown up children or it’s just you and a partner or roommates then glass baubles could be a more traditional option.

So, let’s weigh up the pros and cons of glass baubles:


• Traditional

• Stunning Appearance

• Widely Available

• Treasured Items



• More expensive

• Break easily

• Not suitable for young children

what type of baubles are

best for your tree?

Shatterproof Baubles

Shatterproof baubles are becoming wildly more popular as they are available in a range of shapes and sizes and can look as lovely as glass baubles. Shatterproof baubles are often made from plastic and are therefore suitable for all ages to help decorate the tree, fantastic for getting the kids involved. They are also often much cheaper, and you can usually get a larger number of baubles for the price of only a couple of glass ones.

So, what are the pros and cons of shatterproof baubles:


• More value for money

• Suitable for all ages

• Last longer/no breakages

• Available in all shapes and sizes



• Less stylish/can look cheaper

All of our baubles fit into themes which help you to decorate in a stylish and organised way. We have a Country Christmas theme which is ideal for traditional decorating, our Christmas Rituals theme which is ideal for businesses and homes alike, our Crystal Ball theme which is feminine and all things pink, our December to Remember theme which is perfect for young families, an Embrace Nature theme which is ideal for animal lovers, and our Ice Adventure theme which is a winter wonderland paradise.

All of these themes reflect their audience in the style of bauble, for example for our younger themes such as December to Remember and Crystal Ball they are predominantly shatterproof baubles and for our Country Christmas theme there are more glass baubles to fit within the traditional theme.

We have plenty of baubles to choose from online and in our two Christmas stores. However, if you are looking for glass baubles, we recommend visiting our stores instead of ordering online.