Whether you have a real or an artificial Christmas tree, what you dress your tree with can make all the difference to how good your tree looks. Here, we have revealed some top tips to help your tree look its best.

Christmas Tree Lights

Dressing your tree with Christmas lights can be a tricky task to get right, too few lights and your tree will look sparse and dim, get a pack too big and your tree could look messy and your lights could get tangled

For a full, bright-looking tree we recommend our Compact LED Christmas Tree lights, our recommended sizes are as followed: 750 LED lights for a 6ft tree, 1,000 LED lights for a 7ft tree, 1,500 LED lights for an 8ft tree, and 2,000 LED lights for a 10ft tree. These recommendations are suitable for our compact LED lights only, other lights will vary in recommended LEDs per size.

These lights will ensure a bright, full-looking effect thanks to the 2.5cm bulb spacing which allows for 4x as many lights compared to regular string lights.


Christmas Tree Skirts

Whether you have opted for a real tree or an artificial tree, Christmas tree stands are never very attractive. As standard most artificial trees come with a plastic or metal cross-stand base which guarantees your tree will look fake no matter how authentic the branches are. Plus, real trees are often planted into an ugly plastic pot.

You can make your Christmas tree look far more attractive and far more authentic by disguising your tree stand with a stunning Christmas tree skirt/ring. The tree skirt sits around the stand, helping to cover the stand and create a rustic, more attractive appearance.

If you have a real or green artificial Christmas tree, we recommend a brown tree skirt, whereas if you have a frosted or flocked artificial Christmas tree, we recommend a grey tree skirt, these will help to complement the tree’s colouring.

what you dress your tree with can

make all the difference to how

good your tree looks.

Christmas Scents

Whilst real trees offer a lovely smell of Christmas, artificial trees don’t have quite the same feel. You can find a great range of scented tree sticks on the market which allows you to choose your favourite Christmas smell and add this to your tree.

The scented sticks hang on the tree branches and look like a decoration, so no one will ever be able to tell, and keep your tree smelling like Christmas. Some of the scents to choose from include cinnamon, spiced orange, berry wreath, Christmas spruce and fresh-cut Christmas tree.


Christmas Baubles

Decorating your tree with baubles and other décor can be tricky business to get right. So, to help arrange your tree to look its best we have established some recommended decoration numbers. For a 3ft tree we recommend 60 items, for a 4ft tree - 90 items, for a 5ft tree - 120 items, for a 6ft tree - 160 items, for a 7ft tree - 200 items, for an 8ft tree – 300 items and for a 10ft tree – 400 items. However, if you prefer a more busy appearance you may wish to increase these numbers. For top tips on how to decorate your tree to achieve a fuller appearance, check out our handy guide with tips from insta-famous decorating Queen @the_mondernmum.


Following these top tips will help you get the best from your Christmas tree and ensure it looks full and vibrant.