Choosing your Christmas tree can be a tricky process, sometimes even more so when it is an artificial Christmas tree there's so much to choose from and you want to be sure you're going to enjoy it for years to come. Here, we have put together a handy guide to buying an artificial Christmas tree to make sure all your needs are met.

Why Should You Buy An Artificial Tree

Before you buy, here are some reasons why you should choose an artificial Christmas tree over a real tree:

  • No messy, dropping needles – no need to clean regularly.
  • Can be used again and again – the more years you use it, the more cost-effective it is when compared to the yearly cost of a real tree.
  • Requires little attention – needs no grooming, no watering, and no fuss.
  • Easy to set up – modern technologies such as hinged branches ensure the tree is easy to set up.
  • Multiple size options – so many choices including slim, space-saving options, you can find a tree for every space.
  • Hassle-free – if you’re short on time, you can buy pre-lit or pre-decorated trees.
  • Easy storage – artificial trees are easy to store and mean you don’t have to dispose of them after Christmas.
  • Easy to transport – there’s no need to strap to the roof of the car, hire a van or squish into the boot with an artificial tree as they come packed in handy, easy-to-carry, boxes.
  • Reliable – you know that your tree is going to make it through until Christmas.

there's so much to choose from and you want to

be sure you're going to enjoy it

for years to come.

Plan Your Space

Before buying your artificial Christmas tree you need to know what space you have available to determine what style or size of tree you need. If you've used the spot for a tree before then you know roughly what size tree is needed to fill the space well, if it is the first time using this space for a tree ensure there is enough room for the tree to be away from walls and furniture.

The width of your space is important to know as you need to determine whether you would need a slim tree or whether a normal or really bushy tree would be more suitable. For height, we always recommend getting a tree taller than you so as not to be underwhelmed, however, you must factor in the height of a star or angel going on top of the tree so that it doesn't touch the ceiling.


Types of Tree

If you want to remain as close to the real thing as possible, a natural artificial Christmas tree is your best option. These trees come in a range of sizes and styles from slim to bushy. For a full-looking tree, look for a high tip count. For a realist-clooking tree, make sure you go for a tree made from a PE and PVC mix. PVC branches are easy to shape but a tree with all PVC branches does not look as lifelike. PE branches are made from a real needle mould and look very realistic

If you want to save yourself a bit of time this Christmas and hate the hassle of untangling Christmas lights, then a pre-lit tree is the way to go. The LED lights are energy efficient and long-lasting and make for a stress-free set up that simply requires decoration. Plus, with our click and connect system, you simply attach the poles together to light up your tree, it couldn't be easier!

If you want to ensure you have a white Christmas, then a flocked or snowy tree is the way to go. The branches are pre-decorated with a fake snow substance and look as though they have been in a heavy snowstorm, helping to bring a touch of magic to your Christmas. However, as this substance can be toxic to animals we recommend choosing a different style of tree if you have pets.

Frosted trees are less coated in snow than flocked trees and instead have a light frosting which make them twinkle and sparkle in your home. These trees are ideal for those who enjoy the snowy look but also want to be able to decorate their tree with lots of ornaments.

Fibre optic trees are a colourful and hassle-free addition your home. Fibre optic trees come in many designs, but all have fibre optic lights built into the branches which often have colour changing or flashing sequences. Like pre-lit trees, this means you don't have to decorate your tree with Christmas lights.

Additional Features

Once you've chosen what style of tree you are looking for there are other important features to consider including the size of the tree, the assembly of the tree, branch tips and the tree stand.

We have artificial trees available from 3ft to 15ft. Many of our designs are available in multiple sizes meaning that once you've chosen your design you can choose your size. For living spaces, we always recommend that you choose a tree taller than you which is typically a 6ft or 7ft tree.

If you're short on space, then make sure you are looking for slim trees as these will fit perfectly in smaller areas. If you have plenty of space to spare, then a bushy wide tree is the best look.

Most of our Christmas trees above 3ft will require some assembly and typically have between 2 to 4 pieces that need to be slotted together. We recommend looking for artificial trees that have a hinged branch design over hooked branch design. Hooked branches have to be individually placed onto the centre pole which is painstaking and time consuming. Hinged branches are already attached to the centre pole and simply need to be repositioned and "fluffed" to your desired look.

For trees between 5ft and 7ft we recommend spending a minimum of 45 minutes fluffing your tree to recreate a look similar to photographs, for taller trees this time will be much longer and for smaller trees much less.

The number of branch tips your tree has is the number of branches there are to decorate. The more branch tips there are, the fuller look the tree has and the more space you have for baubles and ornaments.


Christmas Tree Stands

All of our trees come with a foldable Christmas tree stand or pot that keeps the tree upright. However, these tree stands are basic and not the most attractive or realistic. We recommend a Christmas tree skirt to cover the metal/plastic stand and create a more authentic look. We have options in a few different styles, from hammered metal to a rustic willow skirt which allows you to choose between a more modern or classic Christmas appeal.

We hope that this guide will help you to make an informed decision on buying an artificial Christmas tree.