With Christmas just around the corner some of us have already got our Christmas trees up and decorated, but if you’re still looking for the perfect tree there are plenty of options for you and we recommend looking at artificial Christmas trees.

Choosing Artificial...

If you’ve chosen to go for an artificial tree this year there are plenty of benefits such as no dropped needles that you have to clean up come the New Year. Or the fact you don’t have to spend time chopping the trunk base so that it fits in your put. Or how it will last for several years as opposed to just one, meaning they work out incredibly cost-effective. However, we understand some people are unsure whether an artificial Christmas tree will look real or give off that Christmassy vibe.

But, as retailers of artificial Christmas trees, we know how recent developments in artificial tree technology have created some incredibly realistic-looking artificial Christmas trees and we also know how to style your trees to make them look incredibly realistic and impressive – still without the hassle of fallen needles or chopping your tree.

There are some extremely

realistic artificial Christmas trees that

would look great in any room.

Ensuring It's Realistic

The two main materials used to create artificial Christmas trees are PVC and PE needles. PVC branches are soft needles and are easy to shape, making them great for hanging decorations. However, PVC is the cheaper material and has a very rough/spiky feel to it, it also does not look particularly realistic. PE needles are designed to look exactly like their real-life counterparts. PE branches look and feel much nicer and make a tree look extremely realistic. New branch technology has allowed these PE branches to become even more realistic as they have been created from a mould of an actual branch.

If you want a more realistic tree we suggest opting for a PE/PVC mixed tree. It is extremely rare to find an artificial Christmas tree that is 100% PE branches as it is very expensive to produce. However, a PE/PVC mixed artificial Christmas tree looks very realistic and will also be easy to shape and add decorations.

Additionally, if you are looking at PE/PVC mixed trees we would also suggest looking for trees with ‘bottle-brush’ branches. These harder, bottle-brush shape branches result in a much fuller and realistic appearance compared to the standard soft PVC branches.

When looking for a fuller and more realistic tree we also recommend that you look for a high tip count. For example, two trees may be 7ft, but one may have only 600 branch tips and one may have 2500 branch tips – the more branch tips, the fuller and more realistic your tree will look. Plus, this means more room for decorations.

More Tips!

If it is the Christmas tree smell that you think you may miss if you choose an artificial tree there are some great ‘tree scent’ decorations that you can add to your tree so that you can still enjoy that real Christmas tree smell.

Choosing an artificial Christmas tree depends entirely on your own preference but we strongly believe that there are some extremely realistic artificial Christmas trees that would look great in any room. In fact, many artificial Christmas trees end up looking more realistic than the real thing, as with any real tree you risk the majority of the needles falling off before Christmas day has even arrived, leaving you with a very bare tree.