At White Stores, we have many artificial Christmas trees to choose from, including a brilliant premium range, but what is the difference and why should you upgrade to a premium tree? Below we’ve uncovered exactly what makes our premium trees stand out.

The Material

All artificial trees are made using either PVC or PE branches. PVC is a cheaper, bendier material that feels a little like tinsel and is brilliant for shaping in different ways and bulking out the appearance of the tree. PE is a more realistic branch type and is often made using moulds of real trees, so they accurately represent a real-life Christmas tree. They are not as easy to shape but are a much higher quality branch.

No tree is made entirely of PE, but many cheaper trees are made entirely of PVC. The better the quality of the tree, the more PE branches it will have. Some of our premium trees have up to 87% PE branches, making them extremely lifelike and almost indistinguishable from the real deal!


Tip Count

The second thing that sets our premium trees apart from the standard collection is the tip count. The more tips on the tree, the fuller and more impressive it looks, as well as giving you more space for decorating. Upwards of 1,000 branches for a 6ft tree is a really decent coverage and will ensure your tree looks bushy and full.

What is the difference and

why should you upgrade

to a premium tree?

No Hassle Lighting

Another brilliant feature of our premium trees is the no hassle, 1-2-3 click and connect lighting system which means you won’t have to spend hours untangling lights to wrap them around your tree. Not only are the lights already built-in, but you also don’t have to dive into the tree to try and locate the connector - which you do need to do on some other models – instead as you connect the pieces of the tree, the pole connection will automatically switch the lights on. This means you can light up the tree in seconds rather than hours.

Not only this, but these trees come have 10 different light settings as well as the ability to switch from warm white lights to multicolour LEDS, without having to replace the entire set of lights! The handy remote control means that you don’t even have to get up to swap the settings. This means you won’t need to crawl under the tree to reach the plug, you can simply press the buttons on the remote to swap colour and setting, allowing you to have a different set up every year or every day if you wished.

There is also a foot-pedal to control the settings, if you happen to misplace your remote control! Additionally, the premium range has a super memory function which means that even when you switch the plug off, the tree will remember the setting you had selected.


Unique Bulb Shape

One of the best features of our Premium tree range is the shape of the bulbs! These trees have a traditional candle-lit bulb shape, often associated with fairy lights, but still uses LEDS. Not only does this mean that the lights are brighter than non-led Christmas lights, but they also don’t all turn off should one blow, meaning you don’t spend hours searching for the culprit.

This means you can enjoy all the benefits of LED bulbs but with the festive shape of traditional Christmas lighting that makes it feel more special. Plus, the bulbs are replaceable and there are spare bulbs included just in case any stop working.

Hinged Branch Design

This feature is not unique to our premium range and is also rolled out among our standard tree collection but is still a brilliant feature. Hinged branches offer a much easier assembly as opposed to a hook design which some trees use. This means that all the branches are already attached to the centre pole and simply need fluffing and arranging as you see fit. With a hooked design, each branch would have to be manually attached to the centre pole, taking hours to complete the desired look!


Armed with this knowledge of what makes our Premium Tree Collection so special, we hope to see many of them in your living rooms this Christmas! Don’t forget to tag @whitestores on Instagram!