The age-old debate of ‘should I get a real tree or an artificial tree this Christmas?’ is flaring up again this year. With the National Christmas tree Association reporting a dip in real tree buyers and reported shortages of real trees it seems the artificial tree is dominating the Christmas season once again. But how do you know which option is right for you? We’re here to settle the debate and offer some insight into the pros and cons of each.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Trees remove the hassle of picking out a new tree each year and therefore gives you more money for extra decorations or presents each year. Plus, you'll never need to water an artificial tree or pick up fallen needles, making it an all-round less hassle option.

Plus, artificial trees won’t rot or go brown like a real tree would, meaning that you are guaranteed to make it to Christmas with a stunning looking tree without the risk of a dead tree by Christmas day, or even earlier should you be an early-bird who likes to put their tree up in November.

Artificial trees are easy to assemble and store away again for use year after year. However, artificial trees do have a large carbon footprint and are not as environmentally friendly as one may think. As artificial trees are made from plastic they do not biodegrade and often end their life in a landfill. They are often made in factories in Asia and therefore also have a huge amount of air miles in their name. So, you would have to use your artificial tree for 10 years to keep its environmental impact lower than that of a real tree. But, many of our artificial Christmas trees have an extended 12-year warranty on offer which would exceed this 10-year mark making them the more environmentally friendly option.

Many artificial Christmas trees now look incredibly realistic and use real-needle technology to shape the branches so that they look exactly like their real-life counterparts. PE/PVC mixed needle trees are incredibly lifelike and only require a small amount of fluffing to before they are ready to decorate.

Additionally, these branches are flame-retardant and therefore there is no risk of accidental fire if you put your favourite Christmas candle too close to the branches like there would be with a real tree. Plus, with so many choices of tree from pre-lit to flocked, to snowy, to fibre optic, to glittery, to pre-decorated there is something for everyone – you simply do not get these options with a real tree.

However, if you have a small home, storing an artificial tree year after year can take up valuable space and if not stored correctly dust or bugs can get into the packaging and damage your tree. This is why we recommend our great range of storage solutions which will expand the lifespan of your tree.

The artificial tree is dominating

the Christmas season once again

Real Christmas Trees

Real trees require making a trip to a tree farm every year to pick out the best tree and if you’re too late you could be left with the half-rotting, already half bare tree that nobody wanted. But should you get a good one there is nothing quite like that fresh pine scent of a real tree.

Real Christmas trees are the more traditional choice and they are the more environmentally friendly option straight off the mark. They take in carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases and release fresh oxygen into the air plus they will decompose naturally after use or can be replanted and will continue to grow.

However, a real tree will need constant maintenance and require regular watering in order to make it to Christmas day. Plus, you will regularly need to clean up the fallen needles, especially if you have pets or young children who try to eat anything in sight.

Real Christmas trees are often cheaper to buy than artificial trees, but this cost is repeated every year whereas an artificial tree is a one-time purchase that will work out cheaper after several years of use.

Christmas tree farms help to sustain the economy and provide regular work for people. Plus, another tree is planted for each one harvested to ensure a steady supply year after year. However, transporting the tree home and then disposing of it after use can be extremely difficult.

If you choose to opt for an artificial Christmas tree this year, we have a large range of artificial Christmas trees available with extended warranties available so that your artificial Christmas tree will last for years to come.