Although rattan garden furniture is widely known as the best weatherproof garden furniture, not all rattan garden furniture is weatherproof. When you’re shopping it is important to know what you’re looking for if you desire weatherproof rattan garden furniture otherwise you could be left disappointed. The key things to look out for when determining whether rattan garden furniture is weatherproof is:

"Weatherproof rattan garden furniture will always be made with aluminium frames."

- White Stores


If the rattan garden furniture set has a lengthy warranty, upwards of 3 years, it is a good indicator that the furniture will be weatherproof. Rattan furniture with only a 1-year warranty is likely made with lesser quality materials and therefore not weatherproof.



Weatherproof rattan garden furniture will always be made with aluminium frames as this is both weatherproof and rustproof. If your chosen rattan garden furniture set is made with steel frames, these will likely rust and leave stains on your patio.


In the UK, synthetic rattan materials are used to create rattan garden furniture with 3 main materials being used; PE, PVC and PU. PVC and PU are weaker, less durable materials and people often find that these materials crack or go brittle when exposed to the harsh British climate. PE or HDPE is a much stronger more durable material and is a completely weatherproof option, protected from frost, snow, water and sunlight which can cause other materials to fade.



A completely weatherproof rattan garden furniture set will be slightly costlier; however, these sets are designed to last longer and will require little maintenance to keep in tip top condition. Cheaper sets will need plenty of care and will likely need replacing every 1-2 years.

It is important to ensure that if you want to avoid replacing your garden furniture that you know what to look for and ensure that your rattan furniture is weatherproof. If you are unsure we always recommend visiting a showroom, where possible, and speaking to an expert.

Alternatively, if you want to ensure your garden furniture is always protected we recommend investing in a weatherproof garden furniture cover. Garden furniture covers should fit snuggly over your furniture set and prevent dirt getting to the furniture as well as protecting it from rain, snow, frost and UV rays.

Weatherproof rattan garden furniture should require very little maintenance and is, therefore, a great investment as it will last for years and still look great.