There are many benefits to an artificial Christmas tree, such as lifespan, the guarantee it will last the entire Christmas period, and of course no falling needles. To have your tree looking it's bushy best, it needs to be fluffed before you put the decorations on. 

How Your Tree Will Arrive?

From time to time, we receive phone calls and feedback from our customers asking why their tree doesn't look like the photos on our website; some customers even wonder whether we have edited our pictures (we can assure you, we don't need to). The simple answer to this is that when we set up our Christmas trees for photography, we spend at least 45 minutes pulling apart all of the branches. Some of our Christmas trees can have more than 2000 separate branches which will be tightly packed into the main supporting hinged branch for safe shipping.

For the most part, our artificial trees arrive in one box that contains 2 to 4 pieces. These pieces have to be folded up tightly in order for them to arrive in such a compact box. This helps keep delivery costs down and saves space for you when you are putting your tree away and back up into the loft. It also helps to protect the branches whilst in transit. Therefore, when you take the tree out of the box and assemble the pieces the tree will likely look like the picture below. But don’t worry, this can all be fixed easily. This isn’t how your tree will look, and it’s certainly not how we expect you to want your tree to look when finished.

Each section of the tree contains a different number of branches, the bottom will have the most and this will gradually reduce as you go up your tree. 

Fluffing your tree is time well

spent and can be a fun

family event.

How To Fluff Your Tree

We recommend you start pulling out and fluffing the branches at the bottom and work up so that they are easier to get to and that you don’t miss any tucked away.

The video below is for our popular Calgary fir tree but applies to all of our artificial trees and will show you the correct method for pulling out your branches. But to break it down, all the large branches are made up of smaller branch tips which need to be separated from one another and straightened. You can arrange these branches how you see fit to fill the spaces, but we recommend turning them to face upwards slightly, as this will give you the best support when hanging your decorations.

On a 7ft tree, we recommend spending around 45 minutes to an hour ‘fluffing’ your tree before it is ready to decorate with lights and baubles. On 6ft trees and below this should take slightly less time as there will be fewer branches.

Fluffing your tree is time well spent and can be a fun family event, perfect for getting everyone in the Christmas spirit. Just put on your favourite Christmas music, make a round of hot chocolates and turn fluffing and decorating your tree together into a family tradition. The more people, the less time it will take! Once you have finished fluffing, your tree will look like the finished result as in the pictures on our website.

Taking Your Tree Down

Once Christmas is over, these branches will be able to be folded down again to fit back into the box. We recommend folding the branches back down as tight as possible before putting them away as this helps to keep them protected from damage, dirt, and dust.

Additionally, before purchasing your tree we would recommend you take into consideration the size of the tree you are ordering. The larger the tree the more time you may have to spend perfecting its style, however, unless you are restricted by space, we always feel a 6ft or 7ft tree will offer the most impressive height and give the fullest look with fewer gaps between branches.

If you have any questions about how to fluff your artificial Christmas tree, our team of handy Christmas elves will always be willing to point you in the right direction! Do not hesitate to ask them for a recommendation.