For this Christmas season, pink is the new green! This unusual Christmas colour will allow your display to stand out and is perfect for gorgeous glam, crazy cheese, or stylish vintage looks. Here, we have uncovered how to make your Christmas pretty in pink.

This has seen us turn to the aid of pergolas and gazebos to offer shelter and weather protection, but what’s the difference between them, and which one is the right choice for your garden? We’ve answered all your questions below. 

The Many Colours of Pink

When we think of pink we think of the versatility of the colour. From garish hot pinks to sweet pastels and blushes, there is a variation of tones and colour palettes to be had! It also makes a perfect accessory colour to more traditional Christmas tones such as silvers, ivories, creams and golds.


Go Bold or Go Home

If you’re really embracing the pink theme, go all out with a pink Christmas tree or spice it up with a white tree with all pink decorations! Or if you want the best of both worlds, our great pink fibre optic trees include an eclipse tree that goes from white to pink or a white tree that has bright pink fibre optics, giving you two looks in one!

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Be On Trend

The trendiest pink for this season is pastel. From shimmering pastel baubles to pink blankets and accessories, this colour is very in. We have our own range of pastel nutcrackers which are perfect for complementing this pastel theme and work brilliantly for indoor and outdoor looks.


Subtle is Sophisticated

If you want to opt for a more subtle pink look, we recommend introducing smaller areas of pink. For example, our brilliant range of rainbow-coloured Christmas lights incorporate a pink LED which is perfect for not being over the top and introducing this colour in a less overt way.

Another great way to introduce pink into your decor is to opt for a flocked, snowy tree and decorate with blush pinks, silvers and creams. These colours will complement each other perfectly and create a great way for you to slowly introduce more pink into your home in a luxurious manner.

Whether you go for big and bold or a subtle design, pink is very much in, and we can help you with that! Visit our website for great pink Christmas products or visit our Instagram for pinkspiration!