Choosing the perfect colours for your Christmas tree is an annual tradition filled with excitement and joy. This year, why not take that festive cheer beyond the tree and weave it seamlessly into the rest of your holiday decorations?

We chatted with Justine from @jusathome, who has masterfully extended the greens and whites of her tree throughout her entire Christmas decor. Let's dive into Justine's tips on how to achieve a cohesive and stylish festive look throughout your home.

Where do you start when planning your Christmas colour scheme?

"I often go with colours that match the decor of the room. This is a good starting point and one that’s easier to plan as you can shop around for the tree and decorations within a specific colour range. The same also applies to wrapping paper for under the tree. It’s so important to match the colour of the decorations and you can add in some detail such as velvet ribbon and for me this year I incorporated dried limes and cinnamon sticks."


What other items do you like to incorporate into your colour scheme?

"Wrapping paper is definitely an item I match with my colour scheme. To me, it’s a significant feature and can enhance a tree considerably. I also like to style with other accessories including baskets, faux flowers, throws, cushions, candles, lanterns and of course lamps."

To me, it’s a

significant feature

What are your top tips when incorporating the tree colour scheme into other areas of your home?

"Personally, I introduce more than one tree into my home so that I can continue to style the tree around its surroundings. If two rooms are connected, I try to continue the same colours but cross over with other styles or ideas to specifically match the style of the room. This might include other festive items such as Norbert’s or light-up reindeer."


What are your favourite colour schemes of Christmas 2023 that you've seen online?

"Although I don’t have any pink in my home, I do love this look at the moment, especially on a flocked tree. Similarly, golds and creams when styled together on a flocked tree can look quite stunning. I also like the traditional candy cane theme especially when the tree is almost bursting with decorations. There’s something magical about this."

This holiday season, take your Christmas tree colours beyond the branches and introduce them into every corner of your home. Justine's expert tips show us that a festive look is achievable by extending the colour scheme to wrapping paper, throws, cushions, and other accessories.

Whether you're drawn to the charm of pink, the elegance of gold and cream, or the traditional magic of candy canes, 2023's Christmas colour schemes offer a world of possibilities. Get inspired and let your creativity shine as you spread the festive cheer throughout your home.