Whilst Christmas is the most magical time of the year, it can also be the most stressful. With our range of hassle-free artificial Christmas trees, storage solutions and more, we hope to reduce stress and increase the magic.

It’s 10pm, you started decorating the Christmas tree at 6pm and you’ve still not untangled the lights, half of the baubles you threw into a plastic bag for “safe keeping” last year are smashed and the cat is already trying to climb the tree – we’ve all been there! Well, what if we told you that it didn’t have to be that way ever again? Follow our top tips on what to buy this Christmas and you’ll be shocked at how smoothly things run.

"Long gone are the days of needing to keep your baubles and decorations stored in plastic tubs or plastic bags."

- White Stores

Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Trees are already way easier to deal with than a real Christmas tree – there is no cutting, no watering and no fallen needles involved – but what about a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree?

A pre-lit tree is the perfect hassle-free solution. Never again will you have to spend hours untangling Christmas lights only to discover half of the bulbs don’t work. Simply, assemble your tree, plug in the lights and you’re ready to decorate.

Better yet, this year our range of pre-lit Christmas trees include Premium trees which can switch between warm white and multi-colour lights as well as offer different multi-function settings. This means you’ll never feel like you’re losing out on the magic of Christmas and it means you can switch up your theme each year without having to buy brand new lights.

Christmas Storage Bags

Our Christmas storage solutions are everything you need to make this Christmas, and every Christmas to come, much less stressful. Never again will you have to try and fit your artificial tree back into the cardboard box it came out of, instead you can easily fit your tree into one of our storage bags, zip it up and carry it with ease to store in the loft.

Long gone are the days of needing to keep your baubles and decorations stored in plastic tubs or plastic bags. Now, you can keep each bauble in its own compartment, free from dust and dirt and safe from harm’s way in one of our fantastic storage chests.

These brilliant storage solutions are sure to decrease the amount you have to spend on Christmas each year when you have to replace smashed ornaments as they are perfect to increase the lifespan of your trees and decorations.

Twinkly LED Lights

Brand new to White Stores this year is our stunning collection of Twinkly lights. This Twinkly range is truly unique as they are controlled by an app on your Smartphone. This makes life extremely hassle-free as you don’t have to climb under the tree every time you want to change the light setting or switch them off.

Plus, it also makes it easy to change your theme year on year as you can completely change the colour of your lights still using the app.

If you are looking for more hassle-free Christmas recommendations, we recommend speaking to our team of happy Christmas Elves!