Whether you have a real or an artificial Christmas tree, decorating it is one of the most festive and fun parts about Christmas but how do you make your tree look its best? Follow our handy guide to ensure your Christmas tree looks as stylish as possible.

This has seen us turn to the aid of pergolas and gazebos to offer shelter and weather protection, but what’s the difference between them, and which one is the right choice for your garden? We’ve answered all your questions below. 

How Many Lights?

Before you start thinking about decorations, you will need to dress your tree with Christmas lights. Our favourite Christmas Tree Lights are the compact cluster lights as they offer a full look and are available in many different colours so there will always be something to match your theme. But how many do you need? Below is the number of lights needed for your tree size, based on a full, bright look:

5-6ft tree = 750 lights

7ft tree = 1,000 lights

8ft tree = 1,500 lights

9-10ft tree= 2,000 lights.

How do you

make your tree look

its best?

How Many Decorations?

You don’t want your tree to look underwhelming or be in complete chaos, so here are the recommended decoration numbers for a full look based on the size of your tree:

3ft tree = 60 items

4ft tree = 90 items

5ft tree = 120 items

6ft tree = 160 items

7ft tree = 200 items

8ft tree = 300 items

10ft tree = 400 items.


What Style of Decoration?

To create the best look, we recommend a mixture of baubles, hanging ornaments and some larger decorations which can be nestled in between branches. These decorations should all be from the same theme so that they match and complement each other. Our favourite themes are the following:

Country Christmas

The Country Christmas theme is the most traditional Christmas theme, consisting of dark reds, shiny reds, greens and golds. To complement your collection of baubles in these colours we recommend some red and gold garlands, large red bows to tie to branches and gold bell-shaped hanging ornaments.

Embrace Nature

The wild and rustic Embrace Nature theme is perfect for animal lovers. The burgundy, gold and green colours are perfect for baubles and can be partnered with bird-shaped hanging ornaments and larger bird or animal figures that can be nestled in between your tree’s branches. Other hanging ornaments to complement this theme are wooden shapes or shapes made from fur.

December to Remember

The December to Remember theme is perfect for families and young children. Your baubles should be a mixture of bright shiny reds, greens, blues, silvers and whites. Your hanging ornaments can be really fun and consist of plenty of characters like Santa and snowmen, as well as cars, Christmas tree shapes and swirly patterns. You can also hang large candy cane shapes or have real candy canes to complete the look.

Christmas Rituals

The Christmas Rituals theme is warm and rustic with a Nordic vibe. The dark reds, blacks, light blues, pale golds, browns and whites of this theme make perfect bauble colours and your hanging ornaments should consist of hearts and stars.

Ice Adventure

This winter wonderland-style Ice Adventure theme is perfect for your white, silver and blue baubles. Your hanging ornaments should be classic snowflake and icicle shapes with a spattering of glitter. For your larger decorations, you could consider winter boots, husky toys, seals, and sledges.

Crystal Ball

For this brilliant feminine Crystal Ball theme, you will need pink, white, silver and gold baubles with lots of glitter. Your hanging ornaments can be a range of all things girly, like unicorns, swans and glitter crowns. For your larger decorations, we recommend butterflies and even more unicorns.