We recently introduced a brand new collection of Christmas lights, that are taking the internet by storm! Pin Wire lights have quickly become this year's "must-have", but what makes them so special and why should you choose them over other light styles? Read on to discover the answers.

What Are Pin Wire Lights?

Pin wire lights, also often described as Micro LEDs, are unique Christmas lights that differ from other styles for many reasons, one of which being their almost invisible wire that allows you to decorate many different areas. This extremely thin, bendy wire that houses the lights is available in different colours. The green wire version will allow you to discreetly blend your lights into a Christmas tree so that you can only see lights and not find yourself staring at the wire instead.

Other colours include gold and silver which are perfect for decorating bookcases, bannisters, and window frames. Because the wire is so bendy you can decorate lots of spaces and wrap the wire carefully in each location so that it is less visible.

Another great feature of the pin wire lights is their rounded bulbs. These bulbs are a different shape to standard LEDs and therefore offer a softer glow that appears fuller but less harsh, creating the perfect Christmas ambience. Whilst they look delicate, these lights are robust and long-lasting as well as suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

This extremely thin, bendy wire that

houses the lights is available

in different colours

Available Styles

We have two styles available, cluster and compact LEDs, these styles are available in a range of sizes so that there will be a set of lights to suit every space and every tree size.

Cluster lights are the fuller option with 1.5cm spacing between the bulbs. The compact LEDs offer 2cm between bulbs and a shorter light-strand length than the cluster lights. However, in comparison to non-pin wire versions of both cluster and compact LEDs, the light length is much longer, adding to that fuller appearance.

Our recommended sizes for your Christmas tree are as follows: 6ft trees = 750 LEDs. 7ft trees = 1,000 LEDs. 8ft trees = 1,500 LEDs. 9-10ft trees = 2,000 LEDs. But remember, the more lights you go for the fuller your tree will appear, so if you want to increase these numbers, be our guest!


Special Features

These pin-wire lights not only look stunning in multiple locations, but they also have some brilliant features that improve their overall look and usability. Firstly, the 8 multi-function settings allow you to choose from static, twinkle, fade, chasing, glow, sequential, waves or a combination of all settings.

They also have a handy timer function which allows you to set the lights to turn on at the same time every day, switch on for 8 hours and then turn them off for 16. This will help save on electricity and mean they aren’t on when they are not needed.

Which leads on to their low running costs. Our pin wire lights cost from as little as 1p per day to run (on the 8 hours-on, 16 hours-off timer setting), and even our largest set only costs 3p per day to run. We bet that's less than you thought!

There is an 8m lead cable which offers plenty of stretch to reach the nearest plug socket and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, though we do recommend plugging into an indoor socket.

Not Just For Christmas

The brilliant thing about the pin-wire collection is that they don’t just suit Christmas decorating, they are perfect for lighting up otherwise dull areas, such as bookcases, all year long. They are also ideal for decorating at weddings, parties and other special occasions, ensuring you get the most out of your set of lights.

Pin wire lights are this year's must-have Christmas light for several reasons and we think their look speaks for itself. Just check out our real customer photos within this blog to see them in action. So don’t miss out! Make sure you grab a set today to be on-trend this Christmas.