When it comes to storing Christmas baubles, many of us use plastic bags, old Quality Street tins, or even roll them up in the bottom of a stocking for “safekeeping”. These options are anything but practical and certainly do not protect your items from damage.

Our ornament storage bags and chests will revolutionise the way you store your items and we’re so confident in them, we even sent one to Hayley from @thegrey_house_sparkles to test and leave an honest review. Check out Hayley’s feedback below.

How Have Your Stored Your Ornaments In Previous Years?

I have always stored my ornaments in bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, taped up and stored out of the way. This isn’t very safe and always took up a lot of space.

I have a lot of Christmas glass ornaments and knowing they will no longer be packed up in lots of bubble wrap and boxes is wonderful for space-saving. I also love the way you can simply pull each draw out in layers, seeing everything in order will really help when decorating our tree.

Knowing everything is stored safely offers such peace of mind. Gone are the days of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and cello tape.... a truly wonderful storage solution.

Knowing everything is

stored safely offers such

peace of mind

How does the storage box work for you?

You can rearrange in order to fit different sizes or put different sizes in each section. I've put large baubles and my large tree topper in mine and they fit perfectly.

We have a built-in shelving unit in our garage and the chest will fit nicely on one of the shelves. If you don't have a garage, this will fit easily in most loft spaces, too.

We are thrilled with our new Christmas Ornament Chest. The design, colour, and beautiful Winter Workshop logo embedded onto the box really do give a festive feel. We love it so much, so we purchased the matching tree storage bags!

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