With a national lockdown in place, it is currently not possible to go and view garden furniture in person and that makes choosing the right garden furniture all the more difficult. Follow our top tips below for buying garden furniture online successfully.

When buying garden furniture online it is important to take certain steps to ensure you get exactly what you were looking for and are happy with the end result. People often prefer to choose items like this in person, however, when that isn’t possible and the option is online only, you don’t want to miss out or choose something you are unhappy with.

Take Accurate Measurements

The first important step to undergo is to take accurate measurements of the space where your garden furniture will be going and double-check them. Once you have your measurements you will be able to look online and check against the measurements of the furniture you are looking at in order to make an informed decision.


Narrow It Down

When you’re looking at garden furniture, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of different setups available, so we recommend narrowing it down to one style you want, for example, a dining set, a corner sofa set or a casual dining set, and then shopping in this category alone.

Read the Product Description

Once you’ve chosen your style then we recommend narrowing it down even further, for example do you need a 6-seat dining set, or a left-handed casual dining set? Filter by these options only so you don’t get tempted by something that is not right for your space.

You can narrow this down even further by choosing the exact colour you want and only viewing these options. This means that the choice will come down considerably and you will feel less overwhelmed and be able to shop sensibly.


follow our top tips below

for buying garden furniture

online successfully.

Check the Warranty

If you aren’t sure about some of the details in the product description or you feel it is in industry jargon, a good way to check whether the product is durable and long-lasting is the warranty. On most garden furniture accessories, the standard warranty is one year, but for garden furniture itself you want to look for garden furniture that has upwards of 2 years. Any garden furniture with only a 1-year warranty is likely to be made of inferior materials that are not long-lasting. High-quality rattan garden furniture will always have a warranty of 5 years or more.


Buy Cheap Buy Twice

Always remember the saying, “Buy cheap, buy twice”. If you’ve been comparing products and one site is considerably cheaper than everywhere else you have seen, that is likely because the product is made of cheaper materials and therefore not as long-lasting.


Check Delivery Times

Make sure you pay attention to the delivery lead times so that you are not disappointed. Not all items will be in-stock year-round and some may have long pre-order times so if you need your furniture for a special occasion, make sure to check this will arrive in plenty of time.

Additionally, if the item is in-stock but your garden isn’t quite ready for the furniture, make sure you pay attention to this too as the company may or may not be able to hold this for you.

Familiarise Yourself with How the Product Will Arrive

For most standard garden furniture deliveries, these will arrive on a pallet delivery and be delivered to the nearest hardstanding surface which is likely to be a curb or a paved driveway. The delivery drivers will be unable to carry this through to your garden for you.

If you feel that this might be an issue and you would need help carrying and assembling your furniture, make sure you check what other delivery options are available before buying and choose an assembly service if offered.


Talk to Someone

If you’re still feeling unsure about your purchase or you have some more questions you feel are not answered online, remember at White Stores our phone lines and our live chat services are still open 7 days a week for you to speak to a real person and get peace of mind about ordering your garden furniture online.