If, like us, you’re sick of wet and cold weather and are counting down the days until spring, then there are lots of things you can be doing now to prepare your garden so you’re ready to use it when those longer days arrive. Plus, right now is a great time to order garden furniture, so if you’re in the market for something new, check out these top style tips ready for spring.

Don't Neglect Outdoor Lighting

Even though the days start to get brighter in spring, the evenings still aren’t as light as they are in summer and so if you want to extend your garden use, outdoor lighting is key. You can find plenty of outdoor lights that attach to walls but if you’re looking for something more sparkly, outdoor Christmas lights double up as great outdoor lighting that creates an insta-worthy look as well as a cosy ambience. We recommend warm white bulbs for that cosy effect.

Additionally, a great way to add both heat and light to your outdoor space is a patio heater. This is perfect as spring has the tendency to never make up its mind weather-wise and can still often be a little chilly in the evenings.


Shady Beginnings

We’ve mentioned that spring can sometimes be cold, but there are often times when it feels hot as a summer’s day, so it’s great to be prepared for this with an outdoor umbrella. Garden parasols are the perfect way to create shade in an outdoor space and keep the heat off when needed. Our favourite parasol for springtime is our Galaxy LED Cantilever parasol. The cantilever offers plenty of shade over your entire area when needed, but the star feature is the LED lights which, for when the sun starts setting, add another valuable lighting asset that we’ve mentioned is so important for spring garden use.

There’s not a time of year when

we don’t recommend a firepit,

but you’ll really feel the benefits in spring.

Get The Fire Going

There’s not a time of year when we don’t recommend a firepit, but you’ll really feel the benefits in spring. When you’re lounging outside and start to feel a spring breeze, you won’t need to go running back indoors, simply get the fire going and continue to bask in the spring sunshine. Our firepit coffee tables are great for pairing with a sofa or corner sofa set and our firepit dining tables are brilliant if you enjoy dining outdoors and can’t wait to get that BBQ sizzling.

Plus, you really cannot beat the look of a firepit as the sun sets and the stars come out. This piece of patio furniture is a winner all year long, not just in spring.


The Best Of Both Worlds

Speaking of outdoor dining, wouldn’t it be nice to have the option of dining outdoors but also the space to relax too? Well with our rising dining tables that partner with our garden corner sofa sets, you can do both. The rising table switches between a coffee table and a dining table setting, offering you the ability to spend longer dining outdoors when it’s warm and also grab a quick coffee outdoors when the spring sun is dipping in and out.

All Things Bright And Beautiful

The key to accessorising your garden in spring is bright colours. Think yellows, pinks, greens, oranges and lilacs. Whether it’s scatter cushions, outdoor rugs or the cutlery and cups you use when you’re outdoors, the brighter the better – we like to think of it as encouraging the sun to come out.


If you’re looking for new garden furniture, now is a great time to buy. You’ll find plenty of offers available before spring, helping you to get your garden set up and ready to enjoy in the spring. Be sure to visit one of our showrooms if you want to see our furniture in person.