Whilst almost all of our garden furniture is low maintenance, there are still things you can be doing to optimise your furniture and help it live a long life in your garden and still look as good as new. Check out our top tips below. 

Keep It covered

For rattan furniture in particular, you can add an extra layer of protection to your furniture that will keep it free from dirt by adding a weather-resistant garden furniture cover when not in use. This will reduce the need to wipe down your furniture and therefore reduce the risk of scratching the furniture or removing the treatments on the furniture that keep it weatherproof.

When applying a cover, it is important to remove the cushions first unless the cover explicitly states you can leave the cushions underneath. This is because the material used on cushions can sweat when it is not able to breathe, and this can make them go mouldy. So, always store those cushions indoors when not in use! One of our handy cushion storage bags will keep them all in one place. It’s also important you don’t cover any outdoor fabric as the same problem will occur.


Don't Use Harsh Chemicals

When you do have to wipe your furniture down, there is absolutely no need to use chemicals as this will strip away any protection applied and can also damage the paintwork. Instead, use a soft bristle brush for a real deep clean or a soft-fibre cloth for just a wipe down and use a mixture of soap and warm water.

Before you wipe down, wait until the soapy water solution becomes less “bubbly” as this will help reduce the soapy residue left behind. If you do see a soapy residue, you can wipe this off with normal water.

For outdoor fabric garden furniture, a tougher clean may be needed and you can jetwash this for a quick and effective clean. Leave it to dry in the sunshine and the furniture will be as good as new. For tougher stains, you can use a solution of 150ml bleach, 40ml soap, and 2 litres of water and apply the solution with a soft bristle brush. Allow this to soak for 15 minutes and then rinse until all soapy residue is gone.

For any glass tabletops, you should wipe them down with a vinegar-based glass cleaner and soft-fibre cloth.

Respect your furniture

and you’ll keep it looking

as good as new.

Use The Vacuum

A vacuum in the garden? Yes! A great way to get rid of dirt like crumbs, leaves and other bits of debris is to vacuum your garden furniture using the soft brush attachment. Do this before you wipe it down for the best results.


Don't Overexpose To Sun

Garden furniture, of course, is supposed to be used in the sunshine but like you and me, it can’t take too much of it or it gets a little hot and flustered! Typically, most gardens get some shade throughout the day and that should help cool your furniture down, but on particularly hot days and in gardens that get sun all day long, it’s important to create some shade over your furniture. This can easily be done with a garden parasol that will create shade for both you and your garden furniture.

This is important to help prevent the discolouring or fading of garden furniture as well as to keep it cool and enjoyable to sit on.

Respect Your Furniture

Our last piece of advice is to respect your furniture and you’ll keep it looking as good as new. That means, mopping up spills as soon as they happen, plumping the cushions, not using it as a climbing frame, and generally treating it with as much love as you would an indoor sofa or dining set. This will keep your garden furniture shiny and new for years to come and allow you to get plenty of use out of it.


If you’re looking for new garden furniture, why not visit one of our showrooms to help you choose the perfect patio set for you? We look forward to seeing you there!