We recently spotted another retailer’s website claiming that steel garden furniture is the best type of patio furniture to leave outside all year round and we were a little shocked, to say the least. We pride ourselves on offering honest advice in our blog section, so it would be a disservice to our customers if we didn’t discuss these claims and give you the proper advice on what patio furniture can stay outside all year.

Why Steel Isn't As Weatherproof As Other Patio Furniture Materials

Plenty of garden furniture is made from steel and it has its good sides, however, it certainly isn’t the most weather resistant. Steel can rust when exposed to damp conditions – and let’s face it, that’s what us Brits have to face quite a lot – and this can leave orange stains on your patio that are extremely difficult to remove (not ideal).

Steel is a cheaper material which can be a benefit but you know the saying, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. It’s also important to note that it’s unlikely that patio furniture will be entirely made from steel – unless it is a large item like a pergola – but furniture for sitting on would not be very comfortable if it was made entirely from steel so it’s likely it would be steel frames wrapped in synthetic rattan and if the frames are cheap, you best bet that the quality of synthetic rattan is too. Which means brittle strands that snap in cold conditions.


Then What Is The Best Furniture To Stay Outside All Year?

There are plenty of options for furniture that can stay outside all year! Some you may need a winter cover for, others you won’t. Some may need a thorough clean come spring, and others are more low maintenance, so we’ll cover the most weatherproof garden furniture types here:

Outdoor fabric garden furniture

can stay out all year,

fabric cushions and all.

Aluminium Garden Furniture

Aluminium patio furniture is one of the best kinds of patio furniture that can stay outside all year. That’s because it’s a metal that doesn’t rust (that means no orange stains on the patio) and is very weather resistant.

Aluminium furniture doesn’t need a cover and particularly on hot days you won’t want to cover it as some material may transfer to your furniture, but it can be covered in winter periods if you choose to. Covering in winter can keep your aluminium garden furniture free from dirt and scratches from falling twigs etc. All cushions should be kept indoors when not in use and never stored under a cover.

Aluminium is also particularly low maintenance and a gentle wash with a wet cloth, using no harsh chemicals, is all you need to clean your furniture, even if it has been outside all winter not being used.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Aluminium also plays a big part in rattan garden furniture. The most weatherproof type of rattan for UK use is that which has powder-coated aluminium frames and PE or HDPE synthetic rattan.

This type of rattan patio furniture is highly durable and can be left outside all year round. As with aluminium, the cushions on this type of furniture should be kept indoors when not in use and never stored under a cover.

Rattan garden furniture can be left outside uncovered but, in the winter, it may benefit from a garden furniture cover to protect it from frost and dirt. A winter cover may extend the life of your furniture by reducing exposure to harsher elements.

Cleaning rattan garden furniture isn’t something that needs to be done regularly, it’s very low maintenance like that. But when you need to clean rattan furniture it is very easy. For full details on cleaning rattan furniture check out our blog here.

Fabric Garden Furniture

Outdoor fabric garden furniture can stay out all year, fabric cushions and all – absolutely no cover needed or even recommended, in fact, a cover would be more harmful to this type of furniture. Fabric patio furniture is a dream for those who never want to think about where to store cushions.

It can get dirty and if left outside untouched for years on end could go a little mouldy, but the beauty of outdoor fabric furniture is that stains, dirt and even mould can be cleaned right off! It may be a little more upkeep to ensure your furniture is regularly cleaned so that stains come away more easily but it’s definitely worth it for furniture that can stay outside all year round.