As a nation, we Brits are spending more and more time outdoors, choosing not to be deterred by our less tropical climate and instead adapting our gardens to suit our desire to spend time in the fresh air. 

This has seen us turn to the aid of pergolas and gazebos to offer shelter and weather protection, but what’s the difference between them, and which one is the right choice for your garden? We’ve answered all your questions below. 

About our planters

Before we get into what flowers are best for planters, we want to tell you a bit about our aluminium planters and what makes them so good for planting. Firstly, they are made to perfectly match our aluminium garden furniture, so whether you have an aluminium sofa dining set, or a pergola, these planters will tie everything in nicely.

We’ve also thought of all the details, aluminium is a lightweight metal which means you can pack your planter with high-quality soil without worrying that the planter will become too heavy to lift. Despite being lightweight the metal is strong at 1.8m thickness. The planters have great adjustable feet to raise them off the ground and keep them level on uneven surfaces as well as assist with drainage. There are evenly distributed drainage holes, ideal for watering plants – especially those that don’t like to sit in water as it will naturally drain out of the bottom when your flowers have drunk their fill. Plus, the lip of our planters is rolled, which means that the planters won’t warp under the weight of the soil and plants and also creates a nice frame around the flowers. And finally, the aluminium is powder coated which means no rust!

So now you know what makes our planters so special, we’ll dive right into what plants are best for planting in them.

we believe a pergola is much

more enduring, attractive and

low maintenance.

In Square Planters

For square planters, we recommend leafy-based statement plants such as…


Thanks to their exotic, palm-like appearance and attractive foliage these plants are popular and look great in square planters thanks to their dramatic appearance.

In round planters

For round planters, we recommend topiary for low-level framing of your area, such as…

Topiary Box Buxus, This evergreen slow-growing plant is easy to maintain as a topiary ball, so it makes a great statement in round planters.

In Tower Planters

For tower-shaped planters, it's best to go for planting herbs/fruit trees or other tall plants to make a statement. We recommend…

Olive/lavender tree

These trees bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your back garden and thanks to their tall nature they add height and depth as well as luxury to your garden.

In Rectangular Planters

Rectangular planters are great for creating borders so think hedge-style boxy plants or…


Bamboo can spread so if you like the appeal of this plant, it is best to keep it contained in rectangular planters.

Other great planter flowers


These cheerful plants flower in spring and summer but remember to give them a mix of sun and shade for longevity.

Sweet Alyssum

This delicate flower looks great as it falls over the container rim. It is mainly seen in shades of white but purple and pink options are available.

Fountain Grass

Fountain grass is the perfect showstopper if you’re aiming to impress. This can be grown in large pots with alliums for dramatic impact or leave it by itself to make a statement. It does need protection from frost in winter.

Buddleia ‘Buzz’

The 'Buzz' series of buddleias are compact, which makes them ideal for growing in pots. They don’t flower all year round but when they do, they are stunning.


Lots of Hebes are compact enough to suit planters. Their flowers last well into autumn and sometimes mild winter so you will enjoy them for a long time, plus they have evergreen leaves which fill the planter well. Their colours range from pinks to purples to whites so there are plenty of choices.


Over than having a fun name to say, Agapanthus are great because they do best when their roots are slightly restricted – ideal for pots!


These evergreen foliage plants come in a range of vibrant colours and work as a foil for other plants to keep your displays long-lasting.


A tropical bloomer that makes a great accent for grouping with other container plants. You can keep these flowers indoors over winter to prolong their lifespan.


We love a low-maintenance flower! This one blooms into stunning flowers that won’t need deadheading for repeat blooms.


You’ll struggle to kill this tough plant as it can cope with heat and drought. It’s a great filler for containers as its wispy leaves and airy white flowers offer a baby’s breath-like effect.

Thank you to and for your wonderful flower advice. If you’re looking for planters, we have plenty of shapes and styles available and you can find displays in our showrooms.