Springtime is one of the most enjoyable times to spend in your garden. It’s not too hot so you can enjoy activities and it’s not too cold so you can actually sit out and enjoy your outdoor space. But you may have been neglecting your patio throughout the winter, so come spring here are the things you need to do to give your patio a shiny new makeover.

Spring Cleaning

Before you think about new garden furniture or anything else, you need to give your patio and garden area a good spring clean. If you have a lawn area, chances are it will need mowing and potentially grass seeds will need laying if you have any patchy areas. You will also need to de-weed your patio space and give it a good clean with a jetwash so it looks shiny and new.



Once you’ve freshened up your garden you can begin introducing life and colour to your space with flowers and plants. Spring is a great time to start planting as you will be able to see your flowers open up and get a full season out of them – providing you remember to water and take care of them.


Springtime means the start

of barbecues, ice creams

and eating outdoors.

Pick Your Garden Furniture

Once you have your area cleaned and prepped, it’s time to choose your garden furniture. Throughout the spring you will hopefully start spending more time outdoors and having somewhere to sit is important. Our recommendations for springtime patio furniture are:

Firepit Casual Dining Sets

Whilst spring can see the start of some warmer days, the evenings can still be relatively chilly. So, in order to keep you outdoors for longer a firepit casual dining set is ideal. The corner sofa sets that accompany the table will offer plenty of room for you and your family to sprawl out and the firepit is perfect for creating a chilled out, relaxed ambience as well as keeping you warm.

Plus, when you’re outdoors during the day, you can cover the firepit with ease and create extra table space, perfect for dining outdoors.

Fabric Sofa Set

Springtime means the start of barbecues, ice creams and eating outdoors, so an outdoor fabric sofa set is not just a stylish place to spend these moments, but the fabric is fully stain resistant, meaning no worrying about spills and mess. This means much more peace and less stress about the kids dropping ketchup on the sofa, or you knocking over that glass of wine because your furniture will be easy to clean and no stains will be left behind.

Plus, the outdoor fabric is perfectly water resistant too, so should there be any spring showers your furniture will be fine to be left outdoors and ready to use again after half an hour in the sunshine to dry out.

Rattan Lounge Sets

Spring is not quite sunbathing weather, but it is the weather you want to relax in with your feet up and this is where our rattan lounge sets come in. These sets are perfect for those with not much space or they can make for a cosy corner for those with plenty of land to fill. These lounge sets are fully weatherproof and can be left outside rain or shine, plus they are perfect for putting your feet up. Whether you opt for a stylish reclining lounge set, or one with a few footstools, you’ll be comfortable, relaxed and stylish.

Pick Your Accessories

Giving your patio a spring makeover is not just about the furniture itself, accessories make a world of difference and can improve the quality and quantity of your outdoor time. Here are the accessories we recommend for spring:


A Parasol

The weather can get extremely hot, even in early spring so it is important to have the right protection. A parasol will protect you from the heat by creating cooling shade so that you can stay outdoors for longer and it will protect you from harmful UV rays.

A Firepit Coffee Table
From hot to cold, it can switch just like that in spring. So, why not accompany your sofa or corner sofa set with a handy firepit coffee table that is great for keeping warm outdoors.

A Patio Heater

Not got space for a firepit? A nifty alternative is a patio heater that will also double up as extra lighting so when the evening draws in, you can keep your patio warm and well lit.

An Outdoor Rug
Outdoor rugs are perfect for making your patio appear more like an outdoor room than just a plain old garden. Outdoor rugs make your area appear more inviting and area also designed for outside use, so you won’t have to worry about weather damage.


If you’re looking to do up your patio this spring, we can show you around our garden furniture showroom without you having to leave the comfort of your home. Book a virtual tour of our showroom today and we’ll offer top tips and advice for your perfect patio.