Whilst all rattan garden furniture offers different desirable qualities, there are plenty of inferior quality products available on the market. In order to avoid these poor-quality products, we have outlined a guide for what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to shopping for rattan garden furniture.

"Avoid furniture with steel frames and PVC or PU synthetic rattan."

- White Stores

Check The Materials

Look For - Top quality rattan will be made using powder coated aluminium frames and PE or HDPE synthetic rattan. These materials are fully weatherproof and are safe to be left outside all year round without damage.

Avoid – Avoid furniture with steel frames and PVC or PU synthetic rattan. These materials are not weather resistant, the steel frames will rust when left outdoors throughout the winter, and the rattan will crack or go brittle.


Pay Attention To Guarantees

Look For – Rattan should come with a minimum guarantee of 3 years. Top quality rattan will come with warranties between 5-10 years. This ensures peace of mind and fills the consumer with confidence in the quality of the product.

Avoid – Avoid rattan furniture that only comes with a 1-year guarantee. This furniture is not built to last and will need to be replaced very quickly.


Does Your Furniture Come With Glass?

Look For – Top quality rattan garden furniture should come with tempered safety glass on any coffee tables or dining tables. This glass should be tempered for extra safety and should be able to sit safely within the table or on top of the table using suitable attachments.

Avoid – Avoid rattan garden furniture that does not come with glass table tops as this will become difficult to use in the height of summer. It is natural for rattan furniture to sag slightly in the heat, but without the glass top, this will make the table unstable. Additionally, avoid glass that is not tempered and therefore not safety protected.

Check For Useful Features

Look For – Top quality rattan garden furniture should have several useful features such as a parasol hole in the centre of the table, thick padded cushions, or adjustable feet. These features will improve the comfort and experience when using your rattan furniture.

Avoid – Avoid rattan furniture that is not accessible or easy to use. The added features should make your furniture easy to use, however, some rattan garden furniture may have unnecessary features that are not suitable for your use. This may vary from person to person, so this is more of a taste preference.


Rattan Furniture Assembly


Look For – Top quality rattan furniture should arrive fully assembled or with minimal assembly involved. This will ensure top quality furniture that will not fall apart or come loose and will be safe to use for years and years.

Avoid – Avoid flat packed furniture. Although flat packed rattan garden furniture may be cheaper, it is not of the same quality, the bolts can come loose, and it can reduce the lifespan of the furniture.


There is plenty to look for when searching for rattan garden furniture which can become overwhelming. If you need advice we recommend speaking to one of our knowledgeable sales advisors on the phone or visiting one of our showrooms to test the furniture in person and experience the quality for yourself.