Every garden space is a different shape and size, and every person has a different style preference. But with these style ideas we hope we can inspire everyone to get the most out of their garden with the right garden furniture.

"With some careful planning smaller spaces can become cosy havens."

- White Stores

Small Garden Spaces

People often struggle to make small garden spaces work but with some careful planning smaller spaces can become cosy havens. Some key space saving ideas are stacking chairs which can be kept out of the way when not in use. A garden bistro set is also a great way to create a dining area without taking over your garden.

To create the illusion of extra space, you should always plant vertically, make use of fences and walls by adding hanging baskets and add up lighting to fencing.


A Family Garden

A family garden needs to work for everyone, including spaces for the kids, the adults and a communal family area. Try not to let the garden be overrun with play equipment and make the most of the space available with smaller play sets.

For garden furniture a picnic bench will make a wonderful family space for a young family offering room for activities such as drawing or painting, as well as enjoying meals and family game nights in the evening.

A Traditional Garden

If you have a very traditional space or a cottage garden, you will likely have a lot of different areas to play with. A secret garden vibe is perfect for these gardens and offers a romantic appeal by creating hidden areas within the garden.

A cast aluminium set, or natural coloured rattan will fit in well with the traditional appeal of these gardens.


Contemporary Garden Spaces

To create a contemporary or modern garden space this involves lots of sleek, clean lines and an appealing but functional design. Adding water features and clean-cut steps and patios will add to the contemporary feel.

The right garden furniture for this look is aluminium as it offers very sleek designs and also combines lots of practical functions like rising tables or firepit tables.

A Show Stopper

If the aim of your garden is to impress friends and family then you need to opt for luxury. This means giant flowerpots, palm trees and expensive water features as well as pizza ovens and other luxuries.

In terms of garden furniture, a real showstopper piece is an outdoor fabric corner sofa set.

Not only do people not expect to see fabric in the garden, but these pieces are also chunky and luxurious, creating a real designer appeal.

With these top style tips, we hope that this inspires everyone to get the most out of their garden. Never forget to add your own personal touch to these designs! For more inspiration, visit our showroom for inspiration and advice.