Typically, when talking about garden furniture, everybody wants to know whether their furniture is water resistant and whether it can be left outside in bad weather conditions. But what about leaving garden furniture outdoors in the sunshine?

Sunlight and UV rays can be just as harmful to certain types of garden furniture as adverse weather conditions can. So, it’s important to know what types of garden furniture are resistant to sunlight and can be left outside without risk of fading.

Rattan Garden Furniture

At White Stores, all our rattan garden furniture is manufactured using HDPE synthetic rattan materials. This is the strongest, most durable type of synthetic rattan and is completely weather resistant – including being protected from UV rays and fading.

This means that your rattan furniture will keep its colour for years to come. Additionally, our rattan furniture is tested in temperatures of up to 40°C to ensure that it doesn’t melt or sag in high temperatures.

However, other types of synthetic rattan such as PU and PVC are not as durable and will often fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Plus, they are more likely to overheat and melt or sag than HDPE/PE rattan.


Fabric Garden Furniture

Outdoor fabric does particularly well when exposed to sunlight, particularly fabric furniture that has been developed in partnership with Sunbrella – experts in outdoor fabric. Fabric furniture is specially formulated to be resistant to UV rays and therefore extremely resistant to fading. Additionally, the fabric will never heat up and will therefore be comfortable to sit on all year round.

it’s important to know what types of

garden furniture are resistant to sunlight and

can be left outside

Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

Cast Aluminium is one of the most weather resistant types of metal furniture available on the market. Unlike other metal furniture, Cast Aluminium does not heat up when exposed to direct sunlight, which means you can sit on the furniture during hot weather as opposed to it being too hot to use. Metals like iron and steel heat up in warm weather and this makes them uncomfortable to sit on in the height of summer.


Aluminium Garden Furniture

Much like cast aluminium, aluminium is extremely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round. Our aluminium products are finished with an industry-leading technology called AkzoNobel. This powder-coating is recognised as the best in the world, and it provides a truly weatherproof and durable finish.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Unlike metal garden furniture, wooden furniture will not heat up when exposed to direct sunlight and is more comfortable to sit on. However, wood furniture will fade and lose its original colour when left in the sun for long periods of time. But there are several wood treatments which can be applied to your furniture to help restore or maintain the wood’s colour for as long as possible.


The main time you are going to use your garden furniture is in the summer, so it’s important to have furniture that’s going to be comfortable in the heat as well as resistant to fading and melting. The furniture types mentioned above all have specific features which make them ideal for this time of year and will be ideal for use on sunny days.

If you need help choosing your garden furniture for the summer, then feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable sales advisors or visit one of our showrooms to test the furniture for yourself.