Summer is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy your garden space, but with so many garden furniture styles now accommodating for colder British weather, what garden furniture is actually ideal for the summer months? We reveal all below.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is the perfect outdoor furniture for higher temperatures as it is built to withstand this heat. Unlike some metals, rattan does not become incredibly hot and unbearable to sit on, plus if it does warm up the padded cushions included with rattan furniture create a barrier between you and the hot furniture.

Unlike wood, rattan will not fade when exposed to a lot of sunshine which means your garden furniture will look as good as new after a long, hot summer and not need any maintenance or touch ups.

A thing to note with some rattan furniture is that the weave can begin to sag slightly under glass tables in high temperatures, but because of the glass it is still perfectly safe to use and will return back to normal as soon as the temperature cools down.

Not only is rattan as a whole a great choice for summer furniture, but some rattan sets come with great features which are perfect for high heat. For example, many bar sets come with ice buckets in the centre which makes it ideal to keep your drinks within arm’s reach but still cool enough to be refreshing on a hot day.

Parasols are an absolute

must-have for the summer. 

Aluminium Garden Furniture

Aluminium is a unique type of metal furniture because it does not get nearly as hot as other materials like iron or steel. Plus, thanks to its lightweight nature, you can move your furniture around the garden if you need to follow the sun.

Similar to rattan garden furniture, aluminium will not fade in the sunlight and is also perfectly weatherproof for when those summer showers inevitably start to fall.

Many aluminium sets come with some handy features like grill tables where you can barbecue your food right at your table, which is ideal for summer fun.



Parasols are an absolute must-have for the summer. They offer great protection from harmful UV rays and also create a nice cool area of shade for when you’ve seen enough of the sun.

If you have a dining table, you will be able to put a parasol through the centre of your dining table and this creates a nice bit of shade to eat in, keeping your food and drink cool. However, if you have a sofa or casual dining set, we recommend a cantilever parasol. Often these cantilevers can be tilted to multiple angles which is ideal when the sun moves across the garden.

Aluminium Pergolas

We have just launched a brand-new range of Aluminium Pergolas. These are absolutely ideal for the summer, especially a British summer, because the tops can be closed to provide shelter. This means that when you’re in the middle of a family barbecue and suddenly the heavens open and a downpour starts, you can close the top and keep the party going with the food and yourselves remaining nice and dry.


Lazy Susans

Another great garden furniture accessory for alfresco dining in the summer is a lazy Susan. Instead of creating chaos and potential spillages each time someone asks you to pass the salt or the ketchup, you can simply place your condiments or sharing food items on the lazy Susan and give it a gentle twist to send it round to the next person. This makes mealtimes less stressful and more enjoyable.

If you’re looking to create the perfect garden for the summer and need help choosing your garden furniture, we recommend a visit to one of our garden furniture showrooms where you can test and measure the furniture for yourself. Plus, you can get top tips from our handy sales advisors.